Adobe ENDS Flash Development, Fires 10% of Workforce

Last week I wrote a post about Adobe acquiring Typekit. Well now it seems that Adobe is again making headlines not by acquiring something but by laying off its competent staff.
Adobe has recently declared that it will not be updating its Flash, or in other words has stopped working on it for now. This comes as a Death Blow for users , developers and companies that Adobe will not be upgrading the Adobe Flash, which runs on thousand of websites.

Adobe Flash is what enables you to watch streaming movies on the go through your smartphone. Most the web-based games are actually scripted in such a manner so that they can work just fine with Flash to give the end user nice experience.
Adobe said that it has shifted its priority from Adobe Flash to HTML5. Flash isn’t entirely dead on mobile devices, either: Adobe wants to give developers the choice of packaging their Flash apps with Adobe AIR, and then distributing these “native” apps in the iOS, Android, and presumably Windows Phone 7 in the future. Adobe Air (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is basically just a wrapper around Flash. Mobile Flash players will continue to receive security updates, incidentally, but all future development has now ceased.
If that wasn’t enough the tech giants Adobe has also decided to lay off 750 full-time employees which make almost 10% of the strong workforce Adobe has. It hasn’t yet decided which department will get the treatment!

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