Apple Finally Fixes Battery Problem

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Apple iPhone 4S proximity sensor has been working overtime which resulted in poor battery life. The company has finally released a software update to its new mobile OS last week. This was made in attempts to fix a widespread problem with the battery life of Apple’s new iPhone 4S. In addition, the latest software update, iOS 5.0.1, also contains multi-tasking gestures to the earlier editions of the iPad. Moreover, the operating system also closes a security loophole that could have made device users to load malware onto their Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, via Apple’s App Store.

Right after the iPhone 4S had been released in October, the company started receiving complaints all over the globe about the disappointing battery life. Apple admitted the company has managed to sell more than 1,000,000 units of the new device within the first week. The complaints started popping up immediately and in a large quantity, and Apple finally acknowledged the problem with iPhone 4S in a statement a couple weeks ago. However, the company announced in a statement that there was an insignificant number of customers who have reported lower than expected battery life on the Apple devices running iOS 5. The team of developers for the company admitted that they have finally discovered several bugs affecting battery life. As a result, they decided to release a software update that could address the discovered bugs in a few weeks, and today it is ready and distributed worldwide. The most interesting thing about this update is that it is the first one issued by the company which was pushed to users of Apple devices through the cellular networks. Meanwhile, in previous cases, the users were required to sync up their electronic devices with computers to download an update.

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