Google Chrome ahead of Mozilla FireFox

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Google’s Internet browser Chrome is currently just inches past Firefox, which makes it the second most used Internet browser worldwide, after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. But only a few inches, actually. So the top three slots look like this…..

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Mozilla FireFox

According to the statistics provided by StatCounter, last month Google’s Chrome was seen inched past Firefox, accounting for 25.69% share of the worldwide market. Meanwhile, the Mozzarella Foundation’s Internet browser Firefox managed to get only 25.23%. This means that in reality, the browsers are just about level pegging. However, the statistics prove that Chrome is growing at a really phenomenal rate. As you might remember, Google has released Chrome only 3 years ago, and within this time the browser in question has managed to match Firefox and, according to the industry experts, will also represent a threat to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer!



The observers promise that the industry can look forward to a fascinating war of browsers between Microsoft and Google. Instead of number game, the experts point out that the statistics in question are based on actual internet usage, but not pure downloads, which means that Google’s Chrome didn’t just manage to worm its way onto personal computers. However, the young browser still has a while to go before it reaches the level of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, dominating the market for many years. In the United States, for instance, Internet Explorer occupies more than a half of the market, and the share keeps growing in comparison with the last year’s usage.

Meanwhile, Firefox is on the second place in the country, accounting for 20%, but its share fell almost 7% since 2010. This means that the Americans are actively switching to Google’s Chrome, which saw a growth from 11% in 2010 up to 17% this year. Finally, Safari accounts for around 11% thus far. Unfortunately, the experts didn’t even mention poor old Opera, which is also used by many web surfers. Anyway, the difference between Firefox and Google Chrome as competitors to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer on the browser market is that the applications are backed by very different corporations: while the Mozilla Corporation is dedicated to looking after the financial operations of its open-source Mozilla project, Google seems to be dedicated to taking over the entire world.

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