Google Redesigns Gmail

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Google has recently unveiled a new look for its free mail service, which now features more white space and less clutter, supports threaded conversations and new themes, and provides better search.

Soon the users will be prompted to opt for the new Gmail design through the link in the lower-right corner of their online inbox. And slowly and gradually all the users will move to the new design which will eventually become default. Jason Cornwell, the company’s user experience designer, introduced the new look and promised to bring these changes to everyone in a few days. Meanwhile, those users who want to switch to the new design right now can use “Switch to the new look” link in the bottom-right of the browser window in the next few days.

The redesigned layout features a revamped “conversation view” meant to help Internet users read through e-mail threads. Google also improved instruments for searching mailboxes that are usually used as storage bins for users. The company has also started to provide more insight and control about how advertisement pitches are personalized to online users. For example, such data as location and search history can be used by the widget to find out what adverts users might find more useful. Meanwhile, Internet users are able to use Ads Preference Manager instruments to adjust systems to their tastes or eliminate messages from advertisers they have no interest in.

Redesigned view also shows a streamlined conversation box displaying Google profile pictures for all of the user’s contacts, which makes an e-mail thread look like an instant messaging conversation. In addition, Google implemented elastic density that adjusts the spacing between items on your screen automatically depending on the screen size and a machine you use. The text density is also adjusted based on your screen size and resolution, thus making it easier on the eyes. Meanwhile, instant messages, called by the company “conversations”, now feature pictures, and the messages have a streamline view like a conversation. Adding profile pictures to each message is considered a social element.



The redesign of the layout comes in line with a number of changes the company has just made to Google Reader about spacing and overall feel. Mail service has also prettied itself up with a host of new themes including background images from iStockPhoto.

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