Microsoft Security Essenstials Deletes Google Chrome

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Google’s Chrome browser was reported to be hit by Microsoft security software that inadvertently removed the browser. The Microsoft Security Essentials software designed for Windows was mistakenly deleting the browser, and both corporations’ security teams were trying to fix this mistake.

It was reported that the software falsely identified Google Chrome as a malware threat. Moreover, even after Google was restored, the system kept deleting it again and again. The Google’s team of developers was first out, releasing instructions of how to deal with the problem on the Internet. This move was made ahead of an automatic update over the weekend.

According to local media statements, Microsoft in respond explained the issue as a wrong detection for PWS:Win32/Zbot. The software giant brought its apologies for any inconvenience to the Internet users. Afterwards, Microsoft Security Essentials was updated together with fix instructions. However, the company didn’t show a sign of an apology to Google, even after it turned out that the company’s browser was mistaken for a password stealing trojan.

The industry security experts believe that it was an embarrassing mistake from the Microsoft team of developers, who managed to “overlook” Chrome in its tests. Taking into account that Chrome is #3 (almost #2) most popular browser in world, it should have been hard to “miss” it. They also pointed out that it was a human error, and the developers at Microsoft should have been just as upset about it as those at Google. Such things don’t usually happen to the browsers, as they don’t normally end up in a database for false positive testing. However, it seems that the security update was written too loosely and it seemed not to be found in the system when scanning. Of course, a human mistake can happen to anyone. Nevertheless, it’s especially embarrassing despite quick attempts to fix the problem, because it will have caused problems to too many users.

Interestingly enough, Google Chrome was reported to be close to overrun Microsoft’s browsers in popularity just a few days ago, with experts saying that Firefox could be overrun by the end of the year, and Internet Explorer a bit later, if Microsoft doesn’t react to the situation. We’ll hope it was not a kind of “reaction” to the boomed popularity of Google Chrome browser.

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