How To Show Thumbnails For PSD’s

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Adobe Photoshop Files or .PSD extension files donot normally display thumbnails like other images do. And it really becomes a hassle if you come across a folder full of nonsense name psd’s like I have. I know that I can not give my PSD files meaningful names but I can display whats inside the file just by showing up its thumbnail!

In this easy to follow tutorial I’ll explain how you can display thumbnails for your PSD files. But before you follow the instructions I’ll recommend backing up registry of your operating system. You may want to use System Restore too!

Step 1

Download the attached file.[DOWNLOAD]

Step 2

Unzip it anywhere in your PC (You should have 3 files.  psicon.dll, Adobe.reg and read me.txt)

Step 3

Copy the psicon.dll to the following path:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell

If the folder doesn’t seem to exist you might need to create the Shell folder, in Adobe directory.

Step 4

After copying, execute the Adobe.reg file.

Step 5

Click OK, for the info window that pops up to tell us that the registry key has been copied.

And you are done.

Go to any folder containing PSD files, and you should now be able to view the thumbnails for PSD files, just as you see thumbnails of images.

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