Adobe acquires Typekit

Few days back I received an email from the Typekit team stating that Adobe has acquired Typekit legally. Well this is definitely a good news for all the webdesigners across the globe and also for the users of typekit as now we can expect more awesome services from them. Adobe would definitely include new typefaces to their already huge list at typekit.

This is what the have to say…

“That was where we started. We asked ourselves what would happen at the intersection between web design and cloud computing. We quickly realized we could do two really interesting things. First, by serving hosted fonts, we could provide compatibility to all browsers and devices — both old and still to come — using the latest, most up-to-date best practices. Designers using our platform would no longer have to track browser hacks and bulletproof syntax. They could focus instead on creativity and expression.Second, we could innovate on the business side as well. We could sell fonts as a service, and use a subscription model to eliminate Byzantine licensing and usage issues. We gave designers all-you-can-eat access to a library of font families, shared revenue with our partners, and carefully cultivated our business as it began to grow.”

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