Visual Hashing:Never Mistype Your Passwords

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This post is for those who mistype there passwords regularly(aaargh!). Its not that I am illiterate or don’t know how to use a keyboard, its just that most of the time, I am in hurry and mistype my password. So if some one is also suffering from this disease, I found a solution for it. Visual hashing, pictured below, is an Add-on for Firefox users.

Its really simple. All it does is that, it changes the background of password entry fields to a four-color visual hash. You can use this add-on and, over time, you’ll remember your visual hash and stop mistyping your passwords!

After you install this add-on, you’ll be able to see a four-color visual “hash” in password inputs all around the web. The hash will update as you type. You can think of the hash as being your password’s “fingerprint.” Over time, you’ll remember the colors associated with each password, which will prevent you from mistyping your passwords.

You can download the Add-On HERE

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