5 killer iPhone cases that can land you in trouble

One of the coolest or craziest categories of iPhone case, depending on your perspective, is the kind that provide personal self defense. These cases turn iPhones into a deadly weapons.

Here are the five best iPhone cases for self defense.

1 – Task One – The swiss army knife

The case has many tools hidden inside. Its basically a Swiss army knife with an iPhone case attached. The tools are housed in a light but strong precision machined aircraft aluminum enclosure connected to your phone through molded outer polycarbonate bands. More info [link]

2 –Yellow Jacket

Yellow jacket is a modified version of the usual stinger. It is effectively a tazer, and can jolt the assailant with a few thousand volts. Thus flooring them immediately. The added advantage of the case is that it increases the battery time of your iPhone by about 20 Hours. Find more about them here [link]

3 – Spray Tect

With a 3-step firing process, Spraytect is simple to use even in the most stressful situations. The pepper spray cartridge slides horizontally across the back of the case, so the spray button is right where your fingers naturally land on your phone. No searching, fumbling or repositioning required.

With the well-thought design, normal phone functions like talking, texting, surfing and picture taking are uninterrupted. Find more about this product here [link]

4 – SmartGuard

Another pepper spray case comes from a company called SmartGuard. The case features a larger canister than the Spraytech case, which is placed to one side of the phone. It has a safety tab to make sure you don’t spray yourself in the face while talking on the phone. It has a spray range of 5 feet.

5 – Knucklecase

Designed and carved out of a single block of aluminum, this case will make your friends whoa. While this case is not equipped with stun guns or other toxins, and even without them, it packs a “Punch”. The funny thing is that that it is also a patented case with patent no. D651,205. Find out more here [link]

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