Apple gets a taste of their own medicine, ordered to pay more than $368 million

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I do hate patent trolling, but when Apple gets a taste of their own medicine, I can’t help but smile. No I am not being biased. We know that Apple revolutionized the smartphone designs and all that, but then they are the one who also made famous these ridiculous patent wars.

VirnetX has sued Apple again. The company earlier this week won more than $368 million and Apple was made to pay it for infringing upon some of its patents with FaceTime. VirnetX is back again with another lawsuit which targets Apple iPhone 5, most recent iPad, iPad mini and “all Apple computers / hardware associated with the operation of the Mountain Lion operating system.”

Here is the shocking part; VirnetX is also seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctions on all of the accused products — basically, asking that Apple will not be allowed to sell any of the named devices due to the alleged infringement.

Meanwhile Apple has started reexamination of these patents, and they look hopeful as they wouldn’t want another arrow to the knee!

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