Apple loses to Samsung in Japan Court

A Japanese judge gave the decision in favor of the South Korean Giants Samsung in the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung. Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji found Samsung did not infringe on patents related to synchronizing music and video data in devices to servers.

What does this mean? Apple recently won against Samsung in American court and walked away with 1billion dollars which is to be payed by Samsung. This means that different countries have different opinions about these two companies.

“It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant,” Shoji said in dismissing Apple’s case.

Apple was ordered by Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji Friday “to pay costs of the lawsuit” after his verdict, the latest decision in a global dispute between the technology giants over patents used in mobile devices. Samsung shares rose, erasing earlier losses.

After this verdict, the shares of Samsung rose as much as 1.6 percent after an earlier decline, while it was the other way round for Apple Inc. as its share fell as much as 2.1 percent.

American court supported Apple as it was an American company and Japanese court supported Samsung, well as it was an Asian Company? Who knows the Japanese court might give orders to Apple to pay 1 billion dollars to Samsung. If this happens, it would get exciting as well as dirty.

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