Apple should be sued by Braun for copying iconic designs

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If Apple Inc. can sue Samsung for copying there iPhone, then German company Braun should sue Apple for copying almost every other product of theirs.

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and former CEO, and Jony Ive, the company’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, famously admired the work of Braun designer Dieter Rams.

You can see the images below which show that they almost copied it inch to inch and they will keep on doing so, until Braun lodges a complaint against them. Apple even copied the colors as well.

Do you really think that Apple should be sued or not? Here are some of Braun products against there copies made by Apple…

They even copied the color scheme. The “=” key has same color.

Braun ET44 calculator vs. iPhone’s calculator app

Braun T1000 radio vs. the Mac Pro.

Braun T3 pocket radio vs. the iPod.

Braun LE1 speaker vs. the iMac.

Braun infrared emitter vs. iSight camera.

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