Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins

  • James Moseley

    That would be 20 billion nickels. A nickel weighs 5 grams. The total weight of the nickels would be 110,000 tons. An 18 wheeler can hold 25 tons legally, but absolute max is 40 tons. That means you would need almost 3,000 18 wheelers to carry one billion dollars worth of nickels. Can’t bash you for gaining my interest though.

    • Bilal Shaheen

      To pay 1 billion dollars in 5 cents, Samsung have to count them too. So its just for laughs, nothing serious :) []

    • Steven Davis

      And even if they scrapped together the trucks to deliver the nickels only about 10 billion coins are made each year and that is debatable and not all nickles. So just acquiring even 10 million coins of any denomination would be hard to do let alone a billion. Which I think would be funny as hell seeing how there would be a nickle shortage across the USA.

  • IamPhacked

    damn I would have send apple ” bunch of pennies”

    • Bilal Shaheen

      If you ask me, I would have done the same. Apple deserves it :D

  • Pacific Vacuum

    you are all idiots

    Like Samsung isn’t going to APPEAL the decision. Do you always take things for face value on the internet? Anyways, to the four posters above, let this serve as a lesson.

    • Bilal Shaheen

      I think you counted the number of commentators on this post and started bashing about. I said it in the comments that it is “JUST FOR LAUGHS”. you can see the related post here

      Thanks for your comment

      • Pacific Vacuum

        ya I like how you added it in AFTER you were called on it. One day AFTER I posted. Anyways. Glad you updated it.

  • Rodderick Ksenin

    Another note about this. While this kind of thing does happen from time to time, (It’s usually university students protesting tuition hikes by paying the increase in change.) no company is actually required to accept coins as payment, or anything else that could be considered “nuisance” payment. If they did try to pull a stunt like this, the courts would probably just require a wire transfer payment anyway, assuming that isn’t already in the decision somewhere.

    Secondly, don’t forget that current production of US nickels in 2011 (a typical year) was only 840 million. At the current rate of production, this stunt would require every single nickel minted in the United States for nearly 24 years.

    • Bilal Shaheen

      Thanks Roderick for the info and your comment. But this is fake and you can see the real news here
      I think Samsung trolled Apple :D

  • Tanmi Gold
  • wavestrake

    Fact check time. I seriously doubt there’s any truth to this article.

  • Tim Ervin

    I thought they were going to pay in douchebag offset credits.

  • Pretzel

    Why does your picture show pennies?