Samsung surpass Apple in SmartPhone market, breaks record

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You may regard Apple as the largest shareholder in Smartphone industry but Samsung has crossed Apple iPhone and now it holds 35% of the global market. Apple comes in second, sharing 18% market in smartphone industry. This means that Samsung sold nearly twice as many smartphones as Apple during the second quarter. This directly translates to the amount of people using Android vs iOS.

This is what Neil Shah from Strategy Analytics said in a statement…

“Samsung has been able to deliver hit models in most major price segments, from the high-end Galaxy Note phablet to the mass-market Galaxy Y. We believe Apple’s lackluster performance was driven by some Apple fans and operators holding off iPhone purchases in anticipation of a rumored new iPhone 5 model around September or October this year. Volumes have polarized around those two brands. The growth of Samsung and Apple has come partly at the expense of Nokia, whose global smartphone marketshare has halved from 15% to 7% over the past year. This is Nokia’s lowest marketshare level in the smartphone category for a decade.”

Samsung’s second quarter sports a record $5.86 billion quarterly profit, up 79% from the same period last year due largely to a strong performance in Galaxy S smartphone sales.

The main reason why Samsung was able to pull off this stint is regarded mainly due to the numerous models in all price ranges. From Samsung Galaxy Y to Samsung Note and Samsung S-III, they were able to sell twice as much as iPhones.

It is interesting to know that now Samsung and Apple make up more than half of all smartphones market, which was 33% according to last year analytics.

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