FaceBook ADS CPC and CPM per country list

How much does it cost for an Ad?

It depends. There is no set cost for Facebook Ads, but there is a way to estimate the cost.
There are two different ways that you can base the cost of your ad on:

1. You can Pay for Clicks (CPC)- requires you to list a specific amount that you are willing to pay each time a person clicks on your ad

2. Pay for Views (CPM)- same thing but instead of paying per click you are paying per 1000 views.

Should I pick CPC or CPM?

If you think that it is more important to have people click on the ad to your website then you should chose CPC. CPC advertising is often more effective for companies wanting a specific response from people; such as registrations or sales.

However if you think it is more important that many people see your ad then you should chose CPM. CPM advertising is often more effective for companies just wanting to raise awareness.

Below is the complete list of all the countries CPC and CPM rate list. Click on the image for better resolution.