Google Chrome Experiment: Roam the Milkyway and other galaxies in your browser

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What do 100,000 stars look like?

The new Chrome Experiment “100,000 Stars” tries to answer that by visualizing Earth’s immediate stellar neighborhood using WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio. Take a tour through the neighborhood, or zoom around on your own, and marvel at the vast scale & beauty of our galaxy.

Visualizing the exact location of every star in the galaxy is a problem of, well, galactic proportions. With over 200 billion stars, capturing every detail of the Milky Way currently defies scientists and laptops alike. However, using imagery and data from a range of sources, including NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), we were recently able to take one small step in that direction by plotting the location of the stars closest to our sun.

The result is a new Chrome Experiment called 100,000 Stars that visualizes the stellar neighborhood. Using your mouse or trackpad, you can zoom in and out to explore our galaxy. Zooming in reveals the names of the most prominent stars close to our sun – click each name to learn more about it and see a digital rendition.

Visit the Experiment here []
Click the tour button in the upper left for a quick trip to some of the coolest perspectives in the galaxy.

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