How to change extensions of files from Command Prompt in Bulk

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Ever faced a situation where you downloaded loads of files off the internet and are left with weird extensions? For example you downloaded a folder full of MP3 Songs, obviously for free!, but the extensions of all the songs is .file or .xxx or something like that?

Well what you would need to do is set their extensions one by one and that can take a lot of time and effort. So you will call your friend Google to search for some kind of tool, which does the job.

Wait! Before downloading some shareware, why don’t you try and rename the file extensions in bulk, and that to with command prompt!

Command Prompt can prove to be a life savior in these kinds of situations. So to change extensions of files in bulk, you can do so by just the command prompt.

Things you will need:

  • Command Prompt
  • A Separate folder for these specific files


  1. Go to “Run” from Start menu.
  2. type in “cmd” without quotes, and hit enter. Command Prompt will start.
  3. Type cd \ in the command prompt window. You will now be at your local hard-drive, which in most cases will be C:/, but for me, windows is installed in “G:”.
  4. Type in the complete address of the folder you are keeping your files in. For me I had the files in G-drive. So I will write the following command in the command prompt window.

    cd G:\test folder\

  5. Next we will enter the command to change the extension in bulk of these files. Write the following in the Command Prompt

    rename *.file *.jpg

This command will change the extension of all the .file into .jpg. And that to in just seconds. Notice that in the picture below all the files have turned into .jpg files.

And that is it. You can change the files to any extension you like.

I hope that you found this trick useful and easy. If you are stuck t any point, leave it in the comment section below. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it with your friends. Thanks

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