eBay Imposes Stricter Rules to Avoid Nexus 4 Scams

Due to the high demand of the new QuadCore Phone, the Nexus 4 has sold out, it is extremely hard to find, or won’t be available for 1-2 months, consumers are turning to eBay and other online stores.

Unfortunately, the high demand for Nexus 4 has brought various scammers and sellers looking to make a quick buck by overcharging for these items. +eBay has placed strict rules on those selling the Nexus 4 to help combat this.

Authorized resellers will still have no restriction on the number of units they can make available, but starting with top-rated sellers there’ll only be so many Nexus 4 devices up for grabs. 8 units weekly can be sold by top-rated sellers, while sellers meeting minimum performance standards can have their way with only 4 phones each week. Ebay members who’ve confirmed their personal info can only list 1 item per week, whereas finally sellers that don’t even bother to authenticate their info will be restricted from selling the Nexus 4 altogether.

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