How to create Seamless Patterns in Adobe Photoshop

Making seamless patterns in photoshop is quite easy and straightforward. Today we’ll be learning to create seamless patterns in Adobe Photoshop.

What are Seam-Less Patterns:

Seamless patterns in simples words are those patterns in which you can’t find the boundary of the tile which is repeated over and over. You can take a tile of 64×64 and make a canvas of 1000×1000 pixels and the viewer of the image will not be able to tell where is the “seam” or the “boundary” of the tile is.

How to make one yourself:

Below are seven simple steps to create a seamless pattern. I have tried to elaborate all the steps. Even if you can’t understand some of the steps, leave your questions in the comments.

Step 1:

Create a new document in photoshop and enter the size to 200×200 pixels. Set RGB to 8bit and Resolution to 72ppi and hit OK.

Step 2:

I am using two gear shaped images for the pattern. Place the images on to the canvas. You’ll notice that a new layer with the name of the image is created. Place the second image on to the canvas and you will have something like this with the images overlapping each other.

Step 3:

Select Gear-2.png from layers. Goto Filter>Other>Offset. Enter 100 for both the horizontal and vertical shifts. Select the wrap around in the options.

Step 4:

Goto Edit >Define Pattern and name your newly created pattern. I named it gear patterns.

Step 5:

Now we’ll test this pattern. Create a new document with a large size like 1000×1000 pixels. Goto Edit >Fill and select your newly created pattern. After adding some background colour the result will be something like this.

I hope you learned something useful. If there is still something confusing, leave a comment below.

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