Korea Develops Online Rumor Filter

Korean researchers, in cooperation with Microsoft Research Asia in China, have created technology to filter rumors from postings on social networks by investigating 100 cases of rumors and true stories spread on Twitter in the United States within three years. The researchers explained that they had to look at the characteristics of rumors, like how […]

Decrease in SMS as users switch to OMS in UK

British mobile users gave up on SMS and switched to OMS or online messaging services (Whatsapp, Snapchat) or mobile email. Industry experts confirm that the number of SMS sent in 2013 dropped by 7 billion and amounted to 145 billion. For two decades of existence, it’s the first time that texting dropped in popularity. Industry […]

NSA spied on 100,000 PCs

Snowden leaks revealed that the NSA has installed spying software in 100,000 machines all over the globe. Most of the software was installed when the agency got access to computer networks. Moreover, it is claimed that the National Security Agency had a secret technology to enter even computers not connected to the Internet. Papers leaked […]

Disposable USB Flashdrive : Gigs 2 Go

Gigs 2 Go, is actually a disposable USB flash Drive that can be used to spread art, awareness about your project, or anything that you like. These tiny USB drives purpose is to replace paper in some aspects. The BOLTgroup and Kurt Rampton are behind this current KICKSTARTER project, creating the USB sticks in a […]

Overclocking your browser – Mozilla FireFox

Recent stats show usage of Mozilla FireFox or FF to be 20%. Most of the people opt for Google Chrome for its speed and less stress on RAM but still many use FireFox. In this tutorial, you will learn how to speedup or Overclock your Mozilla FireFox. Please make sure that you backup any important […]

BitDefender giving one year free Internet Security license

Bitdefender recently rolled out an update and with that update, the customers machines faced slow internet connections and slowdowns. Although they fixed it right away, but they are offering a one year free license for internet security as a compensation. We would like to apologize if this occurred to you. Please note that any issues […]

Get a Custom URL for your Google+ profile

Recently I recieved an email from Google informing me that I am eligible for a custom URL for my Google+ profile. A custom URL is simply a short, easy-to-remember web address that links directly to your profile or page. For example in my case it was google.com/+BilalShaheen. You can also claim your custom URL. Here […]

New Press Renders of Google Nexus 5 Leaked

Another press render of nexus 5 was leaked a few days ago. A tweet from Moroleaks has come in revealing what appears to be a press render of the Google Nexus 5. Though the launching date is still unclear, rumors are predicting the release on 27th October 2013. But still this date is still unconfirmed […]

Send SMS from Gmail throughout Pakistan

Now you can send sms messages all across Pakistan with your Gmail account. This feature has been around for quite a while but I never noticed anyone mentioning about it. Important! This feature is available only on the old version of Gmail chat and not on the new “Gmail Chat + Hangout” version. Thanks to […]