FaceBook ADS CPC and CPM per country list


How much does it cost for an Ad? It depends. There is no set cost for Facebook Ads, but there is a way to estimate the cost. There are two different ways that you can base the cost of your ad on: 1. You can Pay for Clicks (CPC)- requires you to list a specific [...]

What were the most shared content socially in 2012?


Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus and much more. The trends of these social media hub are depicted very elegantly in the infographic to follow. These trends are specifically for the year 2012 which will be coming to an end in just a few weeks. Facebook saw a nice 18 percent growth bump, and Mark [...]

Facebook saved by Hurricane Sandy

Mid Atlantic Coast Prepares For Hurricane Sandy

The storm appears to be good only for Facebook, as it saved the share price of data harvesting operation for a while. A lot of shares were predicted to end up in the market when Facebook employees were finally allowed to sell them off. Before, they couldn’t sell them and just had to watch as [...]

LinkedIn Reveals the World’s Most In-Demand Employers [INFOGRAPHIC]


LinkedIn has released this infographic highlighting the World’s Most In-Demand Employers. The data is based on the number of interactions between the companies and 175 million professionals. Interestingly, LinkedIn found that half of the 100 most sought after companies were smaller businesses with fewer than 7,000 employees. As LinkedIn points out in the report, “Bigger [...]

Use Facebook For Free On CellPhones through Mobilink Jazba


Jazba brings you Facebook Zero! A super light-weight Facebook interface for you to get in touch with your friends. Customers will be charged zero rupee for this offer, and you can browse the social network in blazing fast speed. The good part is that, even if you are not on Jazba, you can still avail [...]

Facebook Advertising Effective in Web Analysts Opinion


Comscore has surprised many industry experts by saying that advertising on the largest social networking service, Facebook, proved to be an effective way to spend anyone’s advertising budget. Recently, Facebook saw a number of high profile exits from its customer base. For example, such company as Ford claimed that Facebook wasn’t a good direction to [...]