Google Nexus 4 device Mock ups PSD


Here are some sweet high resolution Google Nexus 4 renders. They are made for designers who want to show case their designs and apps on this android device. These renders are complete in a sense that you get different angles for showcasing your product. These renders or PSDs are made by talented AJ Lopez (a [...]

Google Chrome Experiment: Roam the Milkyway and other galaxies in your browser


What do 100,000 stars look like? The new Chrome Experiment “100,000 Stars” tries to answer that by visualizing Earth’s immediate stellar neighborhood using WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio. Take a tour through the neighborhood, or zoom around on your own, and marvel at the vast scale & beauty of our galaxy. Visualizing the exact location [...]

Google patches Chrome after finding a Security Flaw – Gives $60,000 to hacker Pinkie Pie


It took Google less than a day to release a new version of its browser after a critical flaw was discovered by a young hacker. Google offered good money for discovering Chrome security holes, and one was found by a young hacker nicknamed Pinkie Pie. As a result, he got $60,000 cash prize and a [...]

LinkedIn Reveals the World’s Most In-Demand Employers [INFOGRAPHIC]


LinkedIn has released this infographic highlighting the World’s Most In-Demand Employers. The data is based on the number of interactions between the companies and 175 million professionals. Interestingly, LinkedIn found that half of the 100 most sought after companies were smaller businesses with fewer than 7,000 employees. As LinkedIn points out in the report, “Bigger [...]

Google Chrome beats IE and FireFox, Apple Safari sees rise in Market share

Google chrome leading the browser internet share in uk

StatCounter recently issued a graphic image which shows that Google Chrome is going to take the lead beating the famous Internet Explorer in UK. Google Chrome has seriously disturbed the leading internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although we see a decline in Internet Explorer popularity, but the Apple Safari is seeing some [...]

Google buys G.ME Domain


Google recently bought domain name. The domain name was registered to Mark Monitor’s DNStinations but now the registrant is now Google Inc. If you go to you will be redirected to Google+ page. The following data can be seen for G.ME Domain Domain ID:D1136300-ME Domain Name:G.ME Domain Create Date:20-May-2010 18:50:32 UTC Domain Last [...]