What were the most shared content socially in 2012?


Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus and much more. The trends of these social media hub are depicted very elegantly in the infographic to follow. These trends are specifically for the year 2012 which will be coming to an end in just a few weeks. Facebook saw a nice 18 percent growth bump, and Mark [...]

Old Computer Advertisments


These old ads are from 1980′s. Most of them make the computer look like that its not a mythical creature and that it can be owned by normal persons. Second thing that these ads emphasize is there portability and size. Like the IBM or Atari or even the Apple II. Altair MITS 8800 Franklin ACE [...]

LinkedIn Reveals the World’s Most In-Demand Employers [INFOGRAPHIC]


LinkedIn has released this infographic highlighting the World’s Most In-Demand Employers. The data is based on the number of interactions between the companies and 175 million professionals. Interestingly, LinkedIn found that half of the 100 most sought after companies were smaller businesses with fewer than 7,000 employees. As LinkedIn points out in the report, “Bigger [...]

Google Chrome beats IE and FireFox, Apple Safari sees rise in Market share

Google chrome leading the browser internet share in uk

StatCounter recently issued a graphic image which shows that Google Chrome is going to take the lead beating the famous Internet Explorer in UK. Google Chrome has seriously disturbed the leading internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Although we see a decline in Internet Explorer popularity, but the Apple Safari is seeing some [...]

Nokia Lumia 920 : Wireless charging, 32GB storage, 8.7-megapixel camera


Nokia revenue may be going down the road but the company has come up with a good smartphone in the market which is dominated mostly by Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The hardware of the phone is really what sets it as a good contender against these phones. Although the phone will not feature the [...]

Windows Security Alert


Microsoft has announced a very serious issue with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (MS RDP) and also a patch for the vulnerability. Microsoft has warned that this vulnerability could be exploited in 30 days or less. A worm/person could take control of your computer without the need for security credentials. The code is written in [...]

Microsoft launches ExcelMashup.com


The awesome new offering from the Excel team that gives developers the ability to create cool apps (like mashups) using an embedded Excel workbook on a host web page. Just using the Excel Services JavaScript API, a workbook stored on a public SkyDrive folder, and standard web technologies, you can create some really powerful apps [...]

Windows 8 Vulnerable to Hackers


One of the security experts has already shown how easy one can hack your way past controversial boot-up security of the new Windows 8 OS and gain root access.An independent developer and security analyst Peter Kleissner from Austria is planning to release the first known “bootkit” for Microsoft’s new OS. The bootkit is able to [...]