Pinterest Launches Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest recently launched its own analytics, Pinterest Web Analytics. Now you can see how many people have pinned content from your site, what content is most popular with pinners, and so on. This big step in analytics will surely help site owners to improve and tweak their content and website. How to get Pinterest Web [...]

Samsung to launch Galaxy S4 on March 14 this year

After the back to back success of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note II, the south-korean technology giants will be launching the next in line of the Galaxy S series. The digital consumers are waiting after Galaxy S4, after the huge success of the Galaxy S3. Galaxy S3 gave tough competition to the new iPhone5, which [...]

Biggest Laptop of the World by Fujitsu-Siemens


Fujitsu-Siemens brings the biggest laptop in the world and presented at this year’s CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany. Guys this laptop is huge, huge mean huge, have a look on the images. A laptop can only be called a laptop if it fits on my lap. It can be named as “BEDTop” as whole of [...]

Minimum Wage Machine


This machine allows anyone to work for minimum wage for as long as they like. Turning the crank on the side releases one penny every 4.97 seconds, for a total of $7.25 per hour. This corresponds to minimum wage for a person in New York. This piece is brilliant on multiple levels, particularly as social [...]

What were the most shared content socially in 2012?


Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus and much more. The trends of these social media hub are depicted very elegantly in the infographic to follow. These trends are specifically for the year 2012 which will be coming to an end in just a few weeks. Facebook saw a nice 18 percent growth bump, and Mark [...]

eBay Imposes Stricter Rules to Avoid Nexus 4 Scams


Due to the high demand of the new QuadCore Phone, the Nexus 4 has sold out, it is extremely hard to find, or won’t be available for 1-2 months, consumers are turning to eBay and other online stores. Unfortunately, the high demand for Nexus 4 has brought various scammers and sellers looking to make a [...]