Get a Domain Name for as low as $0.99/yr


NameCheap is offering you the best offer on the internet. You can purchase yourself a domain for as low as $0.99 per year. As far as the price is concerned, NameCheap is the best place for buying domains because you can get cheap domain names and their technical support is top notch. For those who [...]

Unsubscribe from different subscriptions in ONE Click


Unroll ME is an outstanding tool of its own kind. If you are bugged with the subscriptions that you don’t even remember subscribing, then this will help you in unsubscribing with a single click. is the free and easy way to end unwanted subscriptions and rollup the rest into an organized overview made just [...]

Farmville Hack : Farmville Magic Tool


Are you tired of plowing, planting and harvesting your crops and animals.Farmville is time wasting game but on Facebook,  Farmville has developed into an addicting simulation game from Zynga. The game allows Facebook members to virtual farm planting, cultivation and harvesting of crops and livestock manage. Farmville is now the application of the most popular [...]

Visual Hashing:Never Mistype Your Passwords


This post is for those who mistype there passwords regularly(aaargh!). Its not that I am illiterate or don’t know how to use a keyboard, its just that most of the time, I am in hurry and mistype my password. So if some one is also suffering from this disease, I found a solution for it. [...]

Greenshot : Take Awesome screenshots

Microsoft Printscreen function isn’t the best on the planet! The image is of very low resolution and not top class. So a good alternative for it is Greenshot. It is a very simple tool and I use it personally when taking screenshots for different blog posts. Being easy to understand and configurable, Greenshot is an [...]

Preview your page with different webbrowsers

So when I first designed this theme for my blog I noticed that my theme was not rendered as beautiful in Internet Explore as in Firefox. Firefox is my personal favourite and I like it even though it slow downs my machine! So after making my site browser friendly I wanted to take screenshots of [...]