Electric Skateboard Backpacks To Carry Your Boards Easily

Do not forget to take some helpful essentials when you leave for skating. These useful essentials are the tools of skate, jacket or hoodies, a bottle of water, and others. But the main problem is that whether you take these things in your hands? No, you need something special to carry these materials that are the electric skateboard backpacks.

The electric skateboard will your best companion in the journey of skating. Furthermore, there are a lot of types of the electric skateboard in the market. You have to pick that fulfill your need and reliable for a long time.

Electric Skateboard Backpacks

It is not easy to select the right one for you, so I tried my best to gather all the material and specifications and the price detail for viewers. Our purpose is to save your precious money on a rough electric skateboard.

Here are the top 10 types of electric skateboard backpacks.

RVCA Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks

The RVCA electric skateboard backpacks are composed of fantastic material. You will get rid of the rough backpacks skateboard. The manufacturers used 95% material of polyester in the bags along the quality zipper. Moreover, all the stuff related to the skating will save from any kind of damage. 


  • There are a lot of pockets to put the essentials.
  • You can wash it at home by using soap.
  • It is useful if you are a regular skater.
  • The zipper and straps are of high-quality material.


  • The price of RVCA is too high for all the users.

Go-Ride Electric Skateboard Backpacks

One of the main features of Go-Ride Electric Skateboard is that it can use for multipurpose. You have an option to put the entire skateboard of different sizes without any problem. The material used for manufacturing is enough to handle the weight. It has 40 inches length and 10 inches width to carry the required things in it. Moreover, it is a perfect design for all the skaters.


  • You can use it for a long time.
  • The manufacturers provided a new shape with unique options.
  • There is a space for 2nd bottle also.
  • It has an average weight.


  • The straps started to fail its work after some days.
  • The lengthy skateboard cannot put into it.

Eastsport Skater Backpack

Eastsport Skater backpack cleared the market after the invention of it. It has more options than all the others and amused the users due to having quality material. The company added the real polyester as per the requirement to meet the need of nowadays. Moreover, all the inputs that are used to make it are of genuine quality.

There is a lot of space in the inner of the backpack. You can put more essentials than the others. Furthermore, after hanging in the back, you can cover a lot of distance without feeling more weight.


  • It is good to give value to your money.
  • Grip and quality are primary quality inputs.
  • Feel free from the rain on the way.
  • You can take it anywhere, like to climb the hills also.


  • The patches of Velcro used very small.

Hubro Longboard Backpack

Hubro longboard backpack is different from the other due to having flexibility in length. You can increase its range from 39 inches to 44 inches, which is an excellent feature. Moreover, the straps are very soft to open and pockets zipper also. 

There are five pockets inside the backpacks to store all the essentials to it. You will feel calm when you hang it on your back. The material of plastic excluded from the entire product, and the high-quality 1680D hardware of metal added to it. I would like to ask you to buy it for a safe journey.


  • Mega size longboard will quickly settle into it.
  • All the straps will set without any problem.
  • There are a lot of places for different essentials.
  • It is extendable.
  • The double stitch increases the reliability for a long time.


  • The price of the product is not reachable for the skaters.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to adjust the straps.

Cooplay Best Longboard Backpack

The cooplay best longboard backpack came into the market to replace the highly cost backpacks. Most of the skater does not have much budget to purchase the high-cost backpacks. So, it is the only option for the users to buy it because of the reasonable price. You can put even a big size Longboard into it. 

Are electric skateboard good for beginners? Yes, it made for the newbies, especially to favor them with a small budget. You can cover more than 100cm longboard by using it. On the other hand, the weight of the backpacks is up to 500 grams. A lot of colors are the market to attract viewers.


  • It is reachable for all the skater by knowing the price.
  • It manipulated very well.
  • The material and balance are excellent.
  • You can use it for a short tour.


  • Straps created problems after sometimes.

IMPORX Best Skateboard Backpack

A lot of skaters have different shapes of a longboard. It is not easy to put all the ways to specify backpacks. IPORX Skateboard is the only backpack in the market that can fulfill all your needs. You have a choice to use it for many goals. Students have a chance to enjoy it for multi reasons.

The water will not cross the surfaces of the bag because of heavy material. All the necessary things can put in different compartments. Moreover, both shoulders are placed very accurately to leave competitors back.


  • It is very sleek by looking entirely.
  • You will not tire even to put a lot of essentials into it.
  • The high quality of zippers is a useful feature.
  • The makers did not compromise on metrical quality.


  • All the observers failed to give comments about the favor of it due to tearing very soon.
  • Padding is also a big headache in quality.

YS Sport Skateboard Cary Bag


The material that is used in the production is fiber and nylon. You can apply for both longboards and skateboard due to having 46 inches length. Furthermore, one shoulder is enough to hang it. It has quality straps like the others. You necessary things will save into it. 

The cover of the electric skateboard protected the hidden essential from water and heavy rainfall. The material used in manufacturing is the same as in the bags of duffle and gym.


  • The price of it is remarkably lower than the others.
  • All the input used in the making is of high quality.
  • You will feel relaxed during your long travel.


  • It is very slippery and a chance of slipping from you.

Hubro Skateboard Travel Bag

The weight of the bag increased to 3.6 pounds for better results. All the material related to skating can fit into very quickly. The maker enhanced the quality by knowing the essential need of all the skaters. Function options in the bag and inside look to make it attractive for users.

There are two parts inside the bag; you can take a skateboard along with your laptop also. The input of microfiber is of soft type to decrease the damage of wallets, cell phones, and others inside the pockets.


  • The price of electric skateboard backpacks is not too much.
  • It does not allow the water to cross the layer of bag surfaces.
  • The straps of the shoulder are extendable.
  • A compartment for a laptop is also available.
  • You can put all kinds of boards.


  • We failed to find any unique option in the backpacks of Hubro.

Boosted Backpacks

It contained all the features that are the requirements of skaters nowadays. You can adjust it according to your need. One thing takes into account, and the beginners did not have any option to use it because of boosted shape. The magnetic pockets outside created a new look for skaters.

The weight of the bag is 5.2 pounds, which is not too big. All the issues regarding the portable have been solved through it very sensibly. We hope that a couple of unique options will produce a good result.

A laptop whose length is up to 15 inches also has a separate compartment inside the bag.


  • It did very well with some new features.
  • The material used in manufacturing has not been seen in the past.
  • It is adjustable for different essentials.


  • It is only for the experienced skater and not for the newbies.

Skatehome Best Backpack for skateboard

Many changes have been seen in the skatehome best backpack for the skateboard—most of the material purchased from the other countries to increase the quality. The size of the shoulder reached to 22 inches along with the substance of nylon. You can overcome all the problems by getting it within no time.

It is up to the user that if he wants to adjust the strap as per need, he can do it. A skater can hang the bag on one shoulder as well as on both ones. He has the choice to put around the belly also.

You do not need to worry about the weight, that is only 1.3 pounds. Moreover, it has both shapes of pockets like small and large to put different size things into it.


  • It is made for cruisers.
  • The strap adjusts for one or both shoulders.
  • It has a little weight and can take heavy things.


  • The input that is used inside and outside is of rough type.
  • The backpack can damage due to harsh tape for grip.

What are the best Electric Skateboard backpacks for you?

Before selecting an electric skateboard backpack, you have to check your budget and size of the skateboard and the longboard. You must discuss with another skating fellow about the quality and material reliability. We have seen that a lot of high-cost backpacks failed to give the required result. While on the other hand, some lower-cost bags can complete all the skater’s need to carry the things into it.

So, do not hurry to purchase any kind of electric skateboard backpack before getting complete information. We have put all the necessary detail for the viewers to support them in purchasing.  Moreover, you have the choice to visit the official sites for getting more real and accurate knowledge. Always see the quality, not price for a better outcome the next time.

How do you carry an electric skateboard? It is not a big deal now after reading all the descriptions of 10 backpacks. Select the relevant packs for picking an electric skateboard for you.


I have analyzed the information about all the types of electric skateboard backpacks. I reviewed many descriptions about the bags for best use in skating. It is not an easy task to pick the best electric skateboard backpacks for an ordinary non-specialist. After reading all the details, I hope you will find it very easy than in the past.

I suggest purchasing high-quality backpacks for long term use. Do not focus on the price as every precious thing attached to a high cost. You got the answer to the question about can you skateboard with a backpack? The sleek ergonomic shapes of bags are suitable to buy for better results. Once you purchased it, then feel free for some years.  No doubt, there are numerous choices for electric skateboard backpacks, but all the 10 types of an electric skateboard are of decent quality.

Why is an electric skateboard illegal? In some countries, it is prohibited in the public place to save the peoples from any injury or accident. It is up to the skater to choose the best road for skating.