Snowboard Gloves Women’s Waterproof: The Ultimate Guide to Washing and Caring for Your Gear

Snowboard Gloves Women’s Waterproof: The Ultimate Guide to Washing and Caring for Your Gear


When it comes to snowboarding, having the right gear is essential. One key item that often gets overlooked in terms of maintenance is snowboard gloves. These gloves take on a lot during a shred session, from sweat and dirt to excess moisture. To ensure they last longer and perform at their best, it’s important to know how to properly wash and care for them. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about washing and caring for your snowboard gloves, including different types of gloves, care instructions, and the benefits of heated gloves for women.

Types of Snowboard Gloves

Before diving into the washing and caring instructions, let’s first explore the different types of snowboard gloves available on the market. Understanding the materials and features of each type will help you choose the right gloves and know how best to care for them.

  1. Waterproof Gloves: These gloves are designed to keep your hands dry in wet and snowy conditions. They are often made with materials like Gore-Tex or synthetic fabrics that repel water.

  2. Leather Gloves: Leather gloves offer durability and flexibility. They are known for their excellent grip and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

  3. Liners: Liner gloves are lightweight and meant to be worn under thicker gloves or mittens. They provide an additional layer of insulation and moisture-wicking properties.

  4. Heated Gloves: Heated gloves have built-in heating elements that provide warmth to the hands. They are especially useful in extremely cold temperatures.

  5. Down Gloves: Down gloves are filled with down feathers to provide maximum insulation and warmth. They are lightweight and packable, making them ideal for backcountry snowboarding.

Washing Snowboard Gloves

Now that we’ve covered the different types of snowboard gloves, let’s move on to the washing instructions. Keep in mind that not all gloves are machine washable, and each material may require different care methods. Here are some general dos and don’ts for washing snowboard gloves:


  • Always remove the liner of your snowboard gloves before washing and wash the glove and liner separately.
  • Hand wash your gloves if you’re concerned about them getting damaged in the washing machine.
  • Use a natural detergent, warm water, and vinegar or baking soda, or a gear cleaner specially made for ski equipment.
  • If you need to wash your gloves with other items, place them in a mesh bag to prevent snagging or warping.


  • Avoid washing your snowboard gloves with other items without using a mesh bag.
  • Don’t immediately throw your gloves in the dryer after washing. Air dry them flat or wring them out well before drying.
  • Never dry clean or iron battery-operated heated gloves or liners, as it can damage the wiring and insulation.
  • Do not use bleach or strong solvents, as they can cause irreversible damage to the heating elements of the gloves.

Washing Heated Snowboard Gloves & Liners

If you own heated snowboard gloves or liners, you may be wondering about their specific washing instructions. Contrary to popular belief, washing heated gloves is not as complicated as it seems. Follow these simple steps to clean your heated gloves and liners:

  1. Remove the battery pack from the gloves.
  2. Secure the cable connector back into the battery pocket.
  3. Wash the heated gloves with a mild detergent on gentle cycles.
  4. Make sure they are completely dry before turning them back on for optimum comfort.

Remember not to dry clean or iron heated gloves, as extreme heat can damage the wiring. Also, avoid using bleach or strong solvents that can ruin the heating elements.

The Benefits of Heated Snowboard Gloves for Women

Now that you know how to properly wash and care for your snowboard gloves, let’s discuss the benefits of owning heated gloves for women. Heated gloves provide added warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions, making them a popular choice among snowboarders. Here are some of the advantages they offer:

  1. Superior Warmth: Heated gloves provide constant warmth to your hands, ensuring you stay comfortable even in freezing temperatures.

  2. Extended Cold Weather Sessions: With heated gloves, you can prolong your snowboarding sessions without worrying about numb or frozen fingers.

  3. Customizable Heat Settings: Many heated gloves allow you to adjust the heat levels, giving you control over the warmth based on the weather conditions.

  4. Improved Blood Circulation: The heat from the gloves promotes blood circulation, keeping your hands warm and preventing stiffness.

  5. Versatility: Heated gloves are not limited to snowboarding. They can also be used for other winter activities like skiing, hiking, and camping.


Taking care of your snowboard gloves is essential to ensure they last longer and perform at their best. By following the proper washing and care instructions, you can keep your gloves clean, hygienic, and in good condition. Remember to choose the right type of gloves for your snowboarding needs and consider investing in heated gloves for ultimate warmth and comfort. Visit Gear Affiti to explore a wide range of snowboard gloves and other winter gear. Happy snowboarding!