Mac vs PC: The Great Debate

Are you an Apple loyalist, or a Microsoft fan? The debate has been raging on for decades and shows no signs of slowing, with both Macs and PCs improving all the time and matching each other’s strengths. Still, these products all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it all comes down to what matters […]


How comapnies use your Facebook private data and how to stop them

While going through my facebook feed, I noticed that Sponsored post was moved up and one of my friend liked this specific company. You might also have witnessed the same that “this friend” of yours like “that brand”. While my friend doesn’t endorse that company, they must have ran a “like check” in my friend […]


Safely Remove USB devices quickly with desktop shortcut

This trick is for those people who use a lot of USB devices. Connecting and then safely removing them can be a hassle if you use a lot of “Universal Serial Bus” device! You can create a desktop shortcut for removing these hardware safely. The steps are pretty straight forward and its copy paste in […]


Google Nexus 4 device Mock ups PSD

Here are some sweet high resolution Google Nexus 4 renders. They are made for designers who want to show case their designs and apps on this android device. These renders are complete in a sense that you get different angles for showcasing your product. These renders or PSDs are made by talented AJ Lopez (a […]

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Disposable USB Flashdrive : Gigs 2 Go

Gigs 2 Go, is actually a disposable USB flash Drive that can be used to spread art, awareness about your project, or anything that you like. These tiny USB drives purpose is to replace paper in some aspects. The BOLTgroup and Kurt Rampton are behind this current KICKSTARTER project, creating the USB sticks in a […]