Best Electric Skateboard Under 500 Top Picks in The Year

Discussing the best electric skateboard under 500 on this page. Skateboard is a small appliance to go from one place to another in a short time. Most of the people like to use it for getting some enjoyment and exercise also. We can say that it took the place of bicycles but not completely. You have a good source if you want to cover some miles in a few minutes. Moreover, no one can deny the value of skateboard. But nowadays, electric skateboard came into the market to decrease the amount of simple electronic board.

An electric skateboard is controllable by the use of the remote. You can increase or decrease the speed of the skateboard by pressing a single button. It is a good device for the only person to create a lot of fun for him. But, the main headache for the consumer is the price of the board.

Many people want to avail of the option of an electric skateboard but remained worried about the rising price of the electric skateboard. Now we are going to change their minds and try to create some happiness on their faces. A common person thinks that the price of an electric skateboard board would be more than $1000, but in reality, it is not.

I am here to brief you about the best electric skateboard according to the affordable price under $500.  To pick the best one at the same price here is the detail of all the skateboard products under $500.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Skateboard under 500

Most people think that the best electric skateboard is associated to the same specifications and features. But, in reality, it is not good. I will guide you about the main differences among the shape of the board, the capacity of motor, reliability, the timing of battery, and the weight.

I searched a lot of products related to the best electric skateboard and picked out these 7 for viewers. Moreover, I also try to manipulate these skateboards for a new rider, intermediates, and experts.

No doubt, a lot of skateboards behave the same in a particular time of weather. However, if anyone gives better results because of quality tires, it must be praised rather than others.

I know you would not like to ride on the icy surfaces using any electric skateboards or any other manual product.

The best electric skateboard under 500 is that which has generous size and design for you. It is assumed that you will prefer it to the others in the market.

After knowing all the authentic information regarding the buying guide, the time is to move on to an electric skateboard’s best devices.

Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

The significant feature of the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard that creates a difference from the same types of the board is the stiffness of the deck. The design and shape of the bridge are forced to prove control automatically.


  • You can charge it for just 2 hours.
  • The deck of it is made by using high-quality wood.
  • It provides a reliable grip and control.
  • You can increase the speed of the board up to 22 meters per hour.
  • It charged as an own while riding downhill.
  • One year warranty is available after opening.
  • It is a good option for short distances.


  • The remote of the device did not deactivate once you activated it.
  • It can only face the weight of 200lbs.
  • The weight of the board is very to carry it for some time.

According to my research, it is one of the modern electric skateboards nowadays. Most of the inputs used in manufacturing have been check before to come into the market. We can also say that it is a good innovation in 2020.

Some people argued there is no change in the Teamgee h5 and others, but I will ask to favor it because of outstanding technological features.

Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

No doubt, the use of thin wood in the deck increased the weight of the deck. But, I think it is good to provide more stability than the lightweight skateboards.

I picked all the product descriptions from official sources because it is a matter of safety for riders. You must not think that an electric skateboard having an average price may harm the user.

According to the Thumb Rule, it is quite clear that if your body is close to the earth, then you can get more balanced than the above. So, Teamgee H5 is approximately 20 mm lowered to the earth.

Final Words

I am not assured that the price of $500 for an electric skateboard is reachable to all the users. If we check the main inputs in the skateboard, then we will fail to find such a great device in the market. Do not worry; you are going to invest in a precious thing.

The new deck made the deck very thin, but it will favor you while you start to ride on the unusual surfaces of hills. There is also a deck in the shape of a concave that will leave some easiness for the skaters.

The material used in the manufacturing of the skateboard has been taken from Canada. No doubt, the deck’s weight is very high, but you can put 200lbs on it. Damage and the rough road can reduce the durability and reliability of the Teamgee H5 electric skateboard.

Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard B2

Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard B2 is a decent choice for the users of an electric skateboard if they have an additional budget than the first product. It is more durable and reliable than the other of the same shape.


  • All the inputs used in the preparation are of high quality.
  • The inside and outside look are very solid to see.
  • There is a heavy capacity motor in it.
  • It provides self-balance on different surfaces.
  • The timing of the battery is more than others.


  • It is very heavy to carry.
  • The color of the text must include other than the pink.
  • The board that is used in the deck is very light for lengthy users.

It is not easy to fool others now a day in modern life. One thing takes into account that your money will not spoil on investing such a precious device. Moreover, it is highly certified by the state before it came to the market. 

There will be a question in your mind that why we pay the double cost to buy it? It is the only product that is more costly, which you are going to find today.

Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard B2

The motor that runs the skateboard increased to 1800 watt; we cannot get such a heavy motor at a lower or normal price. You know that a powerful motor always increased the speed of the skateboard. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to climb the hills and mountains due to a strong motor input.

It charged in just 3 hours to fill the energy. You have an option to charge it while going to bed or at rest time.

Final Words

I know the price of the appliance is too much. If we look at the quality, then it is not a matter for those who have an extra budget. You may ask to pay $1000 to purchase it.

I did not receive any complaint against the device from its invention. All the features that are given with the product are the same in use. The power of the battery, motor, wheels, deck, and other parts did not depress us. So, it is very reliable by knowing the best material in manufacturing.

If we talk about the device’s durability, then we can say that the material of wood is very high quality. The performance of the wheels and tires remained appraisable. It can face the weight of 160 pounds. Overall, it is a quality skateboard.

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser


I failed to find any prominent features in this electric skateboard. Furthermore, I analyzed all the devices in the market, and it is the only 2nd class cruiser. The size of the deck increased to double than the others.


  • Its weight is very light.
  • There are three modes of speed to settle for you.
  • We have not found any wire in the remote control. You can hold it for a long tenure.
  • The company offered six months warranty after opening the box.


  • There is only a single motor in the device.
  • The range of climbing the valleys and mountains is very lower.
  • The water can absorb into the board.

This skateboard type succeeded to attract me towards it because of self-power off switch and the portability.

The strength of the motor is the only 350W, while the other has 1800W. So, you can imagine the difference in the quality of it and the previous skateboard. You cannot cross the speed of 13 meters per hour, which 5.5 lower than the Benchweels device.

The weight of the VOKUL is only 10.4 pounds, which is a good thing to see here.

VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard Cruiser

I have never seen such a lighter skateboard, and you must also check the quality before finalizing it. Moreover, I am not pushing to buy it because money is always precious for everyone.

The minimum weight pushed to the skateboard more than the heavy. While on the other hand, it can face 200 pounds of weight but may not be good for the users’ size.

The features that impressed us automatically switch on or off when you leave to use for some time. Due to this quality, you can reserve the battery when you want to continue your riding.

Final Words

You can never buy such a good an electric skateboard in the given budget. I checked all the world but could not find it.

I am not in favor of it because of the lower power of the motor. No doubt, it has a function to turn on and off, but it did not fulfill the issues. Moreover, there is not any option to stop the water, which will spoil the device at the spot.

If you found all the things are good, imagine the rain on your way, what will you do? Because of non-resistant features on the board.

RazorX Electric Skateboard

If you know the RazorX electric skateboard’s price, then you will think that it is time wasting to discuss it.  But, if you left it, then you can lose something better for you. The makers of the product are ready to give all the best features at a very lower price. All the specifications and features like the reliability, power of the battery, wheels’ performance, and deck and weight will go into the favor of the customer. 

You will amuse about the multi-use of the device as it is also helpful for the children and newbies. Both can start to put their feet on it without any fear of safety.


  • Only a push needs to start the device.
  • It is good to use on the hills because of handles.
  • You can manage speed by hand very easily.
  • It is good to ride.


  • It is not easy to replace the battery by complaining online.
  • Motor and battery made it more heavy than usual.
  • It produced more noise.

There are two hidden features in the electric board that created some fun for the users. You will not find such a good option on the pricy board.

The quality of the motor is minimum because of the only 125W, but you will surprise that it is enough to cover the distance of 10 meters per hour in just 40 minutes after charging only one time.

RazorX Electric Skateboard

Maybe, you do not like it, but you cannot get all the qualities in such a low-cost device.

You can increase or decrease the speed for you as per the requirement. It may be faster for the beginners and slower for the young one. But, I think it is not a big deal for all the riders.

The chances of falling from the deck of the board are very lower due to low speed. It is good for the newbies to avail of the option. So, safety precautions are added to the board, which is a good way to attract buyers.

Final Words

The price of the RazorX is more than the specifications and features in it. I will not force the users to purchase it. However, the layout and shape of the skateboard made for the beginners to get some practice. The capacity of the battery could be the reason to leave it for others.

No doubt, it newly came to the market to force the buyers to buy it. But, most people are well aware of all the best qualities and issues on an electric board nowadays.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

It is the only skateboard that has the power to compete the others in the average price. Most of the features are the same as in the others.


  1. It is good for newbies and intermediate users.
  2. It gives a clear balance to the riders.
  3. There are six surfaces of the word that not in others.
  4. The logo of the board is impressable.
  5. It can carry maximum 10-pound weight.
  6. You can charge it in just 2 hours.


  • It failed to give a maximum speed.
  • The remote of the board is not workable most of the time.
  • There would be a balance in the system of brake and acceleration.

Alouette’s Phoenix Rider is the most powerful skateboard because of the double battery in it. Both the cells enhanced the power up to the 700W. On the other hand, the presence of a logo over the product maybe attract the people.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

The skating experts know very well that the longer board created more options for the users than the smaller ones. So, it is the only device that has much space on the deck for riders. Moreover, six surfaces of quality wood made the floor very strong. So, you knew that every precious thing attaches to a high cost.

Final Words

There are six layers in the deck of the board, and a double battery of 700W has a huge impact on the quality of the skateboard. Furthermore, the addition of the more room in the deck also makes free the users on it.

The makers failed to do well in the braking system because these can leave work a lot of time. Furthermore, it facilitated the rider with strong control, powerful wheels, and automatic use of the remote. All the options are the reason for the high price.

ATOM ELECTRIC H.6 skateboard

I think we have enough knowledge about the inside specification of all the skateboards. But, it is another choice for the riders to avail under the price of $500.  The first product of this brand came to the market in 2005. So, no one is unaware of the quality and options in the device.


  • It is good for adopting high and low speed.
  • You can control acceleration through remote control.
  • The material of the deck is thin and took from Canada.
  • It has 700 Watt motor.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • The speed of the board is 16 miles per hour.


  • There is no comparison between the speeds at the cost of the board.
  • Price is more than the features.

The price of the electric board will not cross the budget of the consumer. On the other side, the deck and motor quality are the reason to force towards it. You can increase your speed up to 16 miles per hour that are a good achievement by the makers.

ATOM ELECTRIC H.6 Skateboard

Let’s talk about the remote control; it has an attractive option for the children to manage their speed as per the requirement of the road surfaces.

 Final Words

The extra backup by the battery and powerful deck are two prominent features in every board for skating. Fortunately, it also has these options along the others to compete in the market. At the same time, the price of the appliance would not be an issue.


It looked very attractive to looking outside and also have more cost than the competitors in the market. While, if we check the inner option, then there is not any handsome feature to admire it.  Only design and shape gave identity.


  • The length of the deck is very long to adjust.
  • After charging the battery, you can cover a distance of 8 miles.
  • It is a good skateboard for training the kids.
  • Seven plywood was used in the manufacturing of the deck.


  • The carrying strength of weight is much lower.
  • It has more cost than the specifications performances.
  • The motor did not have more backup.

The main feature of this electric board is the 23 mm length of it. Moreover, the user can ride with a speed of 10 meters per hour, which is not bad in the battery’s average capacity. On the other hand, it can take the weight of 120lbs. The cost of the product is not a big deal, but the features must be reliable.


 Final Words

It is the last product of the electronic board, which is described very accurately. We have seen that if a device is good in a couple of features, there is also a problem in another couple of it.  I tried my best to leave all the detail for the new buyers for giving theme comprehensive knowledge about the skateboards.

The deck, tires, motor, speed, and the price of the board are the only things to check before getting a new skateboard.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Is an Electric Skateboard useable in the rain?

A. It depends upon the features of an electric skateboard. A lot of skateboards did not resist the water in the rain. While the other may have the option of water-resistant. You must clear this pint at the time of purchasing whether it has a choice of water-resistant or not? Furthermore, you need to read all the given instructions.

Q: Is there any difference in Water-proof and water-resistant electric skateboard?

A: No, there is a difference between the water-proof electric board and the water-resistant device. The water-proof board is durable to face the water in the rain, while, on the other hand, the water-resistant skateboard does not have this option. So, if your skateboard is water-resistant, then do not use it in the rain, but if it is water-proof, then feel free to enjoy the rain and riding at the same time.

Q. Can we replace motor, trucks, and bearing?

A. Yes, almost all the companies gave the customer the rights as they can replace the part used in the skateboard. For this, you have to read and follow all the instructions at the time of buying. If there is any company’s fault, they will change the part, but if you did any damage to the motor, trucks, and bearing, then the authority will not replace the part.


I hope you have all the details about the specifications of the different products and their prices. There is no single device that has an average price and includes all the required options in it. So, it not an easy task to find the best electric skateboard under 500 that is reliable for you. 

It is essential to provide you the entire description for better understanding and to check your needs. If any product fits with the price, there would be an issue in the battery, deck, reliability, and material. You must remain in your budget, and your main goal is to get the better board for you.

The only skateboard composed of 1800W the strength of battery could be the best under the range of $500. It is the only option for those who have an issue of budget. The capability of the battery always increased the quality of hidden functions. Happy reading