What are the different types of skateboards? Choose Best One

Skating helped people to get some enjoyment. You can also improve your health by doing physical activity on a skateboard. Moreover, it is the only natural way to gain an advantage for transportation. There are many different skateboards in the market, and people remained confused about deciding the better one. No problem; one thing takes into account that you have to select that skateboard which made as per the road to ride. Here are the main options for riders to pick.

Different Types of Skateboards


How many different types of skateboards are there? We have seen a lot of changes in the skateboard from its invention. At the start, skateboard composed of steel and the wheels from clay. Now, it changed to the wood and glue also. On the other hand, the skateboard consisted of different sizes and shapes like the small, big, mini, middle, and micro. You can purchase any skateboard which is reliable for your body and riding. For better information, here is the description to get real information. You will also find the answer to your question of what is the best type of skateboards.

Mini Boards

Which skateboard is best for the new beginners? For all the newcomers, mini boards are one of the best choices to get balance while skating. The size of mini boards is also reliable for small children. You will get practice before to do ride on the longboard. It has more options in tricks and comfortable for non-specialists. You think that small size can detract the riders on the roads, but it is not true by getting experience.

Significant use

The non-experts should get some practice before using other types of skateboards. Mini board consists of tiny size and shape.


  • It is reliable for the new riders.
  • Size is suitable for children.
  • You can get experience by using it in the street and parks.


  • The tires of the board are no soft.
  • You cannot take it to the roads.
  • Not useable for the long term.

Old Schools Boards

In old school boards, the deck has a lot of importance for users. The tail of the board is the same as in the fishes. So, it has flexibility for you to adjust on. All the main parts are substantial and bog instead of the nose of the skateboard. The three components of the product are old types like the board, tail, and wheels. That is the reason to name it as a former school board.

The makers of the former school board added some new designs and shapes to get rid of the others on the road. Some cheater can disturb you at any time. The different types of skateboard made for different kinds of riders.  The presence of rail under the deck helped the passengers to clear the front and back balance. Moreover, it also supports in the case of rough road.  

Significant use

It is suitable for multiple uses. In the past, all the people purchased for all types of riding. In modern days, the old school board converted into new shapes.


  • The tires of old schools are changeable as per the requirement of a ride.
  • It has consisted of all shapes like small, big, and middle also.


  • It is not readily available in the market.
  • The shape is not good to meet the needs of riding.

Mini Cruisers

You must know the difference between the mini and cruiser boards. Moreover, there is not any massive change in the mini boards as well as in the mini cruisers. It has the same size and shape also. More full and soft wheels is a slight amendment in the mini cruisers to impress the riders. One thing remembers before to buy that it is only to grind the roads to leave the competitors back. It might harm your board if you failed to control it. Rider used it for the races of downhill and free ride.

Significant Use

Mostly, it is helpful to ride on roads, parks, and flat surfaces of downhill.


  • Grind you’re around.
  • Small children can use it.
  • Flat ride.
  • It provides the required result for changing ways.


  • Not suitable for downhill riding.
  • Failed to provide support in tricks
  • You cannot get a fast ride.
  • Beginners did not have much stability in it.

Cruiser Boards

The main change in the other types of skateboard and cruiser boards is the shape of wheels. We can say the cruiser board and skateboard are the same if we exclude the tires from these two ones. The rider replaced the hard tires of skateboard into the softer ones. You can also do it as own after purchasing the soft tires. With the help of smooth wheels, you can get more enjoyment and speed on the road as per the others.

Significant use

Cruiser boards are best to ride on the roads of city roads as well as for smooth roads. Do not use it on rough surfaces.


  • It provides a flat ride.
  • You can ride all around.
  • A good for small distance transportation


  • You will not get speed for fast riding.
  • Newcomers and beginners failed to get balance.
  • Not suitable for flip and trick.


It is quite clear that the longboards have a more extended size than the other board of skateboard. It contained soft wheels to create some easiness for the riders. The manufacturers fixed all the parts to support balance and suitable for new ones. It is useful for the racing of downhill to grind the others on the way. You can change the position of your body while riding on the roads. It produced some freshness and options for tricking.

Significant Use

It is the best option to ride on the downhill of a flat surface. Moreover, you can enjoy dancing and apply tricks while riding on the roads.


  • You can apply different tricks on the road.
  • The rider has the option to grind the traffic on the way.
  • It is the best option for transportation and race.
  • Huge wheels helped to run fast.
  • You can cover all types of surfaces of the road.


  • It is not suitable for flipping on the road.
  • Sometimes failed to apply new tricks.
  • You cannot use it for transportation for a long time.

Downhill Skateboards

Downhills skateboard uses to cover the long-distance without disturbing your balance. I suggest the children and newcomers must stay away from it. You have to use it for skating on downhills rather than the others. It is only made for the professional to get a better result than in the past. You can turn and drift within no time on a downhill skateboard. More than 45 miles can cover in one hour through the help of downhill skateboards.

Significant use

It has more flexibility than others. You have a choice to clear the downhills roads. Furthermore, apply all the tricks without getting disturbed.


  • It is suitable for covering the long distance in a short time.
  • A speedy one.
  • You can put different stunts and tricks.


  • All the children and beginners cannot use it.

Which is better?

You will see a lot of types of skateboard in the market. It is up to you, which is better for you. Please take an experience skateboard rider with you for better purchasing. If you find and material in the skateboard of plastic, then do not buy it and change the mind for others. The content of plastic is very harmful to riding as well for you.

After that, get all the information about the deck that must be of a durable material like wood.  Experts of skating can buy a longboard, which has soft tires and flexible layers.  You can also get detail about what are the top 10 skateboards brands?

Final words

In the selection of all the boards like the longboards, mini boards, cruiser boards, and old school board, the material used in all these is of high quality. The newcomers must use mini boards to get experience at the start. Downhills boards are only for the expert to cover the way downhill. Moreover, check all the precautions of safety for any purchase.