What’s the Best Electric Penny Board in 2020?

We know that the use of electric skateboard and scooter became the fashion in urban areas for some decades. No doubt, it is an excellent option to enjoy skating on the roads. The skater wants some change always, so we have another miracle for them to enjoy in their average budget and the quality. The name of that product is Electric Penny Board, which will save you from an unfamiliar environment due to a couple of great features.

How do you make an electric penny board? You cannot make it as own. You have to get it from the market or as online. The change in the traditional electric skateboard can gain more enjoyment for the skaters. If you agree to purchase it, then I have analyzed all the required data about the different kinds of boards for the viewers.

Electric Penny Board

You have to get some necessary information before investing your money on a precious gift. Moreover, your ride will be comfortable than in the past, and you can manage your ways very quickly.

Difference between Penny Boards and other boards

It is good to get the information about the penny boards and its competitors before buying it. Our purpose is to communicate all the penny board features and the other skateboards in the market. Here are the key points than bringing change in the skating.

The invention of the Electric Penny Board

An Australian company is the founder of the penny board. They produced a new style to the skateboard after changing the shapes of the electric skateboard’s main components. In 2010, the makers increased the wheels’ width, made amendments in the deck’s style, and revised the surfaces of the layer.

We have seen that after the invention of the board, people started to purchase very soon due to have some exceptional quality. Students attracted more than other consumers. No doubt, the architecture made a precious gift for the skater of nowadays.

You can change the option of using either with an electric option or manual also. The shape and design will have a significant impact on the minds of users.

  • Shape of  Deck

The material of plastic is used for the manufacturing of the board. It has a very lower weight as compared to the other. The shape of the footprint is to impress customers. Moreover, it very soft and reliable for long term use. On the other hand, the length of the tail also increased.

We have more hybridization versus the past classic skateboards. It is due to the use of wood rather than the inclusion of plastic in the skateboard. There is a lot of variation for the buyers.

  • Wheels of Electric Penny

The size of the board raised to 59 mm and is made from the cored plastic. However, the material used to get relief on the urban roads to save the riders—the rating of wheels raised to the 83A is a good sign in the change. Moreover, the wheels’ specification and design provided more balance and speed than the so-called skateboards in the market.

What is the reason for purchasing an electronic penny board?

  • Multi-use

If you purchased the electric penny board, you do not need to spoil your money on an electric skateboard. The electronic board is best for riding on the different surfaces of hills and the roads of urban areas. It has more potential than the electric skateboard. Moreover, the quality of the battery and motors helped you for many hours.

The board’s significant feature is to give stability while you turn on the surfaces of hills and in coasting also.

It is a great thing to reduce the physical effort of the riders and get more excitement and enjoyment through it.

  • Eco-friendly

The shape and design of the product helped to provide the right environment on the roads. While on the next side, the battery used in the manufacturing gives the mind of eco-friendly. You can choose to replace it any time with and others and charge at home after completing skating.

Electric penny favored users to reduce the consumption of fuels, which also created a terrible environment for the users. You can go through the small streets of your town and areas too.

Types of Penny Electric Board

There are numerous types of penny boards in the market, but you must also look at your needs and budget. Should I get a 22 or 27 penny board? Yes, you can get it after reading the following types and specifications of a different board. I have manipulated the data from various reliable sources for the readers to give better information.


It is one of the best boards in the market versus all the others. Furthermore, the price of the board would not be a significant matter for the buyers. VOKUL V1 has consisted of all the features, which is the need for a skater. The shape of the product related to the aerodynamics.

You have an option of grind the 10 miles with a speed of 13 meters per hour by using the motor of 350 watt that is a good sign.

The addition of a 4.4Ah battery of lithium gave another attraction towards the board for buying.  Moreover, the company will also produce the guarantee in the case of damaging the battery.

In the board, the makers converted the deck’s style to a durable material of 7-ply maple wood to increase the validity.


  • You can cover the distance of 10 miles with a speed of 13 meters per hour.
  • Wireless remote is available among the board.
  • The maker posted an excellent braking system to get rid of falling.


  • The quality of wood in the deck use is the same as in the classic skateboards.
  • It is only for the adults and not for the newbies and children.

Boosted Mini X

The presence of Boosted Mini X is another change in the market of the electric skateboard. In this type of board, you can get more variety in the motor and speed also. After applying the more than 1000 watt hub, a skater can cover the distance with an extra speed of 20 meters per hour that is double than the last ones.

With the help of this speed, you can grind the distance of fourteen miles without disturbing the road. More grip and aerodynamics are the two new additions in the classic design of electric skateboard. You will satisfy after watching the work of architecture. Moreover, the price of the Boosted Mini X will not disturb the budget of buyers.


  • The edges of the deck were reduced to give a new shape to get more control.
  • It is the composition of aerodynamics and deep fish durability.
  • You can cover a distance of 20 meters per hour for 14 miles.


  • The price of the product is very high by comparing to the other boards.
  • It failed to support sometimes because of unusual surfaces.

Swagtron Swagboard Spectra

Swagtron Swagboard spectra are impressed by the skater by its new features for them. The significant change in the model is fast speed. You will easily cover the distance of 12.4 miles with a rate of 15.5 meters per hour in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. It means that you can save more than fifty percent times than the others.

It does not have remote to control the classic electric skateboard, which is the unique option for riders—moreover, a significant change in the shape of smartphone application among the penny board. Using a smartphone application for this model, you can watch out all the settings and set for your goal on the road.

There are five sensors attached to the product to provide the control of 3D Posture to polish the different styles of riders. What is the cheapest electric penny board? It is the only board in average budget and maximum hidden qualities.


  • The presence of 3D Posture Control has not been seen in the other types. It is a tremendous change to stable skating.
  • You will clear the way in just half time almost.
  • In only 90 minutes, 12.4 miles can cross very easily by using MagCharger.


  • You must have a high-quality smartphone instead of remote control.
  • It does not have remote; you can control all the activities by remote control manually.

Macfind MAX C

In the first look, you will fail to watch an electric penny board. The maker posted a lot of change into the model. It made for the tall skater to give them extra support from falling—all the specifications designed as per the requirement.

Tall people can cover a distance of 8 miles with a speed of 14 mere per hour. Furthermore, for returning to your point, the battery can charge to refresh the system. The feet of young adults remain in balance.

The company will also give you a guarantee card if the water is crossed to your precious thing as per the waterproofing certificate IP65.


  • It is an excellent choice for long people who have long feet also.
  • The certificate of waterproof IP65 will help the users in the case of any mishap to the product.
  • The system of break is compelling to stop the electric board if you find any problem on the way.


  • It is not easy to hold the remote control all the time.
  • You cannot change parts if damage in a short time.


The maker designed the BLITZART Mini Flash very well to attract the customer with a new change. They added the wooden deck along with the electric board that is a tremendous effort by them. The use of a standard-sized grip tap made your riding easy, and you will feel better than the past.

It is manufactured by knowing the needs of newbies in the market. It has the 250-watt motor to run you for 12 meters per hour under the 4Ah lithium battery support.


  • The use of maple wood and deck of bamboo size increased the limit of weight up to the 250lbs.
  • A decent speed can gain of 12 meters per hour using this electric board.
  • There is 250 watt motor inside the board to reduce the friction.


  • You need some part as an owner after purchasing.
  • We have observed some problems in the use of remote control.

What is the best electric penny board?

I tried my best to get all the real information for the 5 major products of electric penny board. Now, it is up to the skater that can be the best for him. All the major features and specifications described very keenly to provide real detail. One thing takes into account that it is more costly than the traditional electric skateboard in the market. For more exact information, you have another choice to visit the site of the product. But, precise all the primary inputs to the shopkeeper and previous users of the electric skateboard board.


The electric penny board is the expansion of the electric skateboard. Furthermore, both have the same purposes for the skater. There are just some changes in the penny board to leave the other back. After knowing all the products’ descriptions, only two types can help the skater like the Boosted Mini X and Swagtron and Swagboard Spectra for you.

Are penny board suitable for children? No, I would not ask to purchase for newbies and children. It is only for the experts of skating because of electric control, no manual.

If you have no problem with the budget, I will ask you to purchase the Boosted Mini X to attain the maximum speed and balance. The addition of the feature of aerodynamics will surprise you. Your investment will not be worry if you buy it for fast running.

On the other hand, if you do not have much credit in your pocket, buy the swagtron swag board spectra. It has the fabulous features of 3D Posture control to find the system setting and the MagBrakes.