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Due to the increase in population in the entire world, the roads are full of cars and the same kind of vehicles that run through petrol or diesel. It creates a bad environment for others on the road. Do you want to get rid of these kinds of headaches? Do not worry about the massive crowd in the morning. I am here to reduce the problems with you. An electric bike is enough to decrease the issue of pollution for you. It is also durable and suitable to enjoy on the road like a picnic. Let’s Read the Best Electric Bike Under 500.

An electric bike is a friendly device for getting some fitness and repel the noise of you on the road. However, the manufacturers launched different kinds of electric bikes for all ages of users.

No doubt, it not easy to find the best electric bike that is suitable for you under 500 due to inflation in the entire world.

Several electric bikes have the same shape in the past, but now these are replaced through the powerful motor, battery, and other prominent features.

Buying Guide – Best Electric Bike under $500

It is not an easy task to pick the better electric bikes from a lot of devices. But, the matter is that how will you achieve this target? Do not worry, and I will give you a compressive detail about the prominent specifications and features that will help you finalize the best one. You have to read all the steps very carefully.

  1. The quality of motor

It is the first that directly affected the reliability of an electric bike. You must be aware of your budget also. If a motorcycle is composed of a motor that ranges from 250 to 350 watts under the price of $500, then it is good to pick because of your budget. If you want to get more power in the motor, then be ready to pay more than the normal.

  • The performance of the battery

The battery in an electric bike played a vital role in the durability of it. One thing considers that if you purchased a bike with lower Watts than the 40 volts, it will create a problem in speed and cover the rough surfaces. Always try to pick the motorcycle, which is composed of quality batteries.

  • A comfortable seat

If you feel some issues after sitting on the given seat, how would you ride for some time? So, my suggestion is to check the seat quality and material of an electric bike before finalizing it. Moreover, there is not a single rider who wants to feel uncomfortable during riding.

  • Foldability

After clearing all the first three main points, now your final target would be on the weight of an electric bike if you purchased a heavyweight motorcycle, how will you carry it for some time? Furthermore, if you do not have much space at home, try to pick the foldable electric bike.

Now, I think that you have gathered all the required information to get the real bike for you from the market. Every rider must know this hidden point because money is always precious for everyone.

Top 7 Best Electric Bike under 500 Reviews

Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

The folding electric bicycle has all the essential parts in it. But, I have never seen such a lighter bike in the past. It is composed of only 26.5 lbs. of weight. Moreover, there are two surfaces of aluminum wheels and in-frame also. We cannot deny the unique and attractive shape of the bike. You have a choice to use it as a standard car truck to get more amusement than the usual.


  1. The frame of the bike is very light in weight.
  2. After charging the battery, you can travel from 25 Km to 50 km, that is an incredible option for riders.
  3. The material that user input is of high quality—moreover, the shocks absorber to create some comfortable riding.
  4. The battery one takes 3 to 4 hours for charging.
  5. It has a waterproof option for you.
  6. The shape of the dolphin has never been seen in the past.
  7. You can enjoy the facility of Bluetooth.

Final Words

I think it has consisted of all the features that are the need of the day. Like the battery, wheel, and more, the quality of all the main parts is much appraised.  The minimum distance to cover for the adults is only 11 miles that the reason to leave it.

Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Pro

It is the only new brand that may attract the buyers towards it. In the market of the electronic bike, no one would like to leave it. You must know that it assembled in the past and have some issue in it. So, the makers remove all the problems to maintain the result.

Now, I have analyzed and checked that it is a more comfortable device which has the strength to release all the headache for you. It is a reliable choice for all teenagers as well as adults.

The weight of the product is significantly lower to carry it very quickly. It consisted of only 37lbs of the frame of aluminum. Furthermore, it is also foldable after using any time.


  • It is pre-assembled.
  • The height of the bike may adjust for teenagers and adults also.
  • It has a 14-inch length of wheels, which provides more balance and stability.
  • You can use it for a long distance.
  • The speed of the bike is up to more than 15 meters per hour.
  • Once you charged the battery, feel free for 15 miles.
  • It is foldable and storable.
  • You can adjust it as per the requirements of you.

Final Words

The feature of multi-use both for the children and adults is useful to see in it. It will reduce the cost automatically. Furthermore, the pre-assembling of the device also resolved most of the hidden issues. While on the other hand, it failed to provide the maximum jump facility, the restriction of weight up to 264 is very low.

Swagtron SwagCycle Pro

It is another choice for buyers from the Swagtron. The SwagCycle Pro is composed of robust, which helps carry the maximum weight up to 264 pounds. I hope you did not see such a heavy bike in any market. You can enjoy all the roads in the city by adopting different styles if you have some experience.


  1. It is highly recommendable due to having string stem and handlebars.
  2. The makers tried their best to increase the speed up to the 18 meters per hour by improving the torque.
  3. You have a choice to take it for covering a long distance of 15.0 miles.
  4. Awful features of the application, you can easily control all the action through the application’s help.
  5. There is a port like the USB to charge on the way if it is required.
  6. The manufacturers enhanced the quality of the battery.
  7. The shape of the layout and design is enough to check it.
  8. It is reachable for all the buyers in an average budget.
  9. There is a strong motor to increase the efficiency of the device.

Final Words

The capacity to take the load of 264 pounds is enough to know all the other hidden useful features. It is controllable by using an application, which is a good thing to see in modern life. It also has some issues like the no space for cell phones; you cannot get up and down the seat again. Moreover, the wheels used in the preparation are tiny to grind the rough ways.

Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

It prepared from a quality input to increase the durability and reliability to face the competitors. They used the aluminum alloy material for making wheels and carbon steel for creating the fork of the front. The two layers around the wheels make it more powerful.

The color over the electric bike will not disappear because it resisted the water on it in the time of rain. It has one 44 lbs weight, which shows how it is light for users to carry it for some time. The company also did not compromise on the quality of the battery that is only 4.9 lbs in weight and support well to the rider.


  1. It has robust tires made from lithium and provides resistance on the slippery surface.
  2. There is a handsome button to increase or decrease speed.
  3. The lithium battery is composed of 36 Watt like a high power.
  4. It came into the market with unique innovation to and m21-speed in the system of transmission.
  5. The entire frame is made from the hundred percent Aluminum metal.
  6. The handlebar and quality tubes added more durability for the riders.
  7. You can adjust the seat as per the need of the time.
  8. The presence of horns and the light on the head and tail gave a safer journey.
  9. The price is not too much to away from the buyers.
  10.  All the inputs are of heavy-duty.

Final Words

I have viewed all the details about the electric bike but failed to detect any single faults in the material. I think producers know the markets and the needs of the buyer very well. But, the slightly slipped in some corners of the product, like the heavyweight of the device to create challenging for you, battery dot not resisted the water and took more to charge than the others.

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7

The battery’s capacity raised to 350 watts to increase the speed of an electric bike up to 18.6 meters per hour that have not in the other same devices. It has a massive impact on the importance of the cycle. The cost of the bike is lower than the options given for the users. We hope that it will get more demand in the coming days due to average prices and excellent output.

It provided an opportunity to cover the way of 15.5 miles after charging the battery. Moreover, you can also set the battery after removing it. So, it is highly demandable and well-reputed in the market.


  1.   The hybrid option that added to the bike could be work as a classic bike as in the past.
  2.   Such a giant wheel of 16 inches provides easy and safe riding to the riders.
  3.   There are three kinds of modes to up the efficiency of the bike.
  4.   It has a reliable battery of 350 W, which can run the device for 18.6 meters per hour speed.
  5.   You can separate the battery when you need to charge it. It just takes 4 hours to charge.
  6.   The manufacturer posted an excellent material of IPX4 rating to open the outdoor handles as same as champ.
  7.    It has self-guard to apply for a brake that is a real change in technology.
  8.  The handles of the bike are very powerful.
  9.  It has consisted of 3 shapes in the market.

Final Words

The bike producer gave a precise balance to all the components in the bike, like the battery range, speed of the cycle, the material of the tires, and stem, all made it very strong.

A single problem could force the users to leave it that is the only one gear to use, not more.

Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26” Electric Mountain Bike

If anyone wants to get smooth and fair riding over the hills and mountain, you will find any other than the Yiilove Electric Bicycle. It is only designed to cover the ways of mountains because of having extra quality shocks. The shocks are absorber and give flat riding to the user. You will feel comfortable when you start to sit on it and drive.


  1. The frames used in the manufacturing are made from an aluminum alloy, which operated as input.
  2. It can face a weight of 300lbs, which other does not have strength.
  3. There are double surfaces of aluminum alloy wheels to give more power than the traditional.
  4. The motor’s maximum capacity is 250 W, which can separate from charging it any time.
  5. The battery will provide the facility to ride for a 30-kilo meter maximum on flat surfaces.
  6. You can change the gear to enhance or reduce the speed.
  7. It has three modes of working.
  8. There is not any complaint regarding the damage to the battery.

Final Words

As I discussed at the beginning of detail, it only specialized for the rider who wants to ride over the mountain. All the features added very well to give the required result. There is a slight problem with charging the battery because it may more time.

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

It has many attractive options for the users like the high capacity motor, powerful battery, and the motor that lift the quality very up. No doubt, due to having all the useful features, the prices will also rise than average.


  •  The quality of the tires creates more grip and balance.
  •  You can remove the wheels to repair any time.
  •  The battery that is added to the device has a long life because of lithium material.
  •  The produces covered the battery to save from any damage.
  •  It has a 250-watt capacity motor.
  •  You can recharge the battery in 5 hours.
  •  The quality of the battery improved.
  •  It is very cost-effective.
  •  It designed very well.

Final Words

After analyzing the entire decryption and specification, there is no quality feature in the electric bike. So, you do not need to worry if you want to buy it. You will feel free after purchasing it because of having more fun and enjoyment for the users.

FAQ Of Best Electric Bike Under 500

Q. How many miles can you cover through an electric bike?

A. It is up to the features of an electric bike like the motor and battery that are used. Moreover, if an electric bike has an option of pedal-assist, it could clear more than the classics. The average speed of bikes is from 30 to 50 miles. But, you can increase the speed by getting a reliable electric cycle. If there is any change in weather like the fast airflow or rain, then the estimate could change.

Q. Is there any difference between the hub-motor and mid-drive?

A. we cannot deny the importance of both the motors. No doubt, the hub-motor speed is relatively lower than the mid-drive, but it is suitable for those riders who like to ride quietly.

While on the other hand, the mid-drive motor is more powerful to grind the rough and unusual ways. Most of the newbies and children’s availed the option of a mid-drive motor.

Q. How much time need to charge an electric bike battery?

A. The average time to charge the battery started from 4 to 6 hours. But, it is only for the lithium-ion material battery. Furthermore, you can increase the speed of charging by adopting a specific method by knowing the instructions. We observed that the time charge could decrease by using quality charges and wire.

Sum Up

You may deceive by the seller if you buy an electric bike without having any information. But, I hope that after reading the specifications and features of the best electric bike under the 500, you can select the right device for you.

It is also essential to check the buying guide before finalizing any electric bike. Moreover, it is an excellent way to save precious time if you have all the perfect knowledge about the product that you want to purchase.

I suggest to the views that do not deceive by the bikes’ outer beauty because it is only to get the attraction of the customers. You have to check the inner functions and features. Thanks for reading this Best Electric Bike Under 500 content. Enjoy Reading.