Kids Skateboards – Buy Best skateboards for kids

Do you want to purchase a skateboard for your child? No doubt, it is a good thing to remain healthy and active. His abilities will automatically improve by using it. Moreover, he will get a lot of new tricks and stunts while skating on the skateboard. Now, the question is that which is the best skateboard for the kids? To solve this issue, I have manipulated all the required information to get a better result for different ages of Childs.

After knowing all the specifications and material, according to your child’s ages, you will find the goal very easy to purchase the best skateboard for your kid.

Here are the main types of skateboard for kids to give them a precious gift.

Skateboards for Kids

Types of Skateboards for Kids

There are many types of skateboards for kids. We are going to describes all the options for beginners. One thing takes into account that different ages of children need a skateboard, which will be best for them. You will be able to find the best one from all the given in the market after reading the content. Here are the types.

Playshion Skateboard

It is the first best option for kids. You can use it for three years, old children, because the makers prepared according to their needs. A lot of opportunities are available. The deck of the skateboard is solid, and it can shift to wait for more than 220 pounds. On the other hand, the board used is of outstanding quality.

The tires of the skateboard are very soft and light. Moreover, the extra bushes in the truck produced more balance and gave multi-option for them.


  • The addition of a skate toll is suitable for beginners.
  • Enormous wheels created more balance.
  • The stiff in the truck is used to increase or decrease speed.


  • The new bearing in the skateboard raised the speed at the start, which is not good.

Skatro Skateboard

Due to the presence of two prominent options in the skateboard like the Abec 7 Bearing and the Skatro Flex, starters should practice. The friction is very low due to the massive tires and to give fast speed to the rider. The pair of smooth and hard wheels is enough to stable the baby on it.


  • The technology of Skatro flex improved all the components of the skateboard.
  • You can get a breakneck speed as well as lower friction to fall.
  • It is reliable for a long time.


  • Plastic in the material can create a problem.
  • It is not easy to adjust trucks.

MEKETEC Skateboard

What is the best skateboard for six years kids? MEKETEC skateboard will be the right answer for it. It is made for the children whose ages are from 4 years to 7. The main addition to the skateboard is the deck of plastic, which has the flexibility to stable the balance. Moreover, the light caster and flexibility in the polypropylene input made it more durable for kids.

You can use rider on all surfaces due to the presence of large wheels and softness in the trucks.


  • The CE authority approved it.
  • The weight of the skateboard is added by as per the body of kids.


  • We have observed that there is a difference in the images and exclusive skateboard.

Play wheel Skateboard

It is an excellent opportunity to give a perfect thing. There is 9 plier in the Play wheel that makes it very strong and bendable. He can get control very quickly because of kicktail. Moreover, the confidence will come for kids after riding some minutes on different surfaces.

You can purchase for your children whose ages between 5 to 10 age. On the other hand, lightweight children have an option to use it even after the given period. The length and width are perfect for the kids.


  • The availability of maple wood is useful to increase the speed with a small push on the deck.
  • Extra kicktail created easiness for newbies.


  • It is only best for the tiny feet children by looking at the shape and material used.

Merkaba Skateboard

The inventor tried its best to give a real ride to kids. We have seen that the wheels used in the skateboard are of the lightweight. A lot of colors helped to see it in the night also. I was also surprised to know that it is suitable for smooth riding. The flexibility in the deck produced elasticity for feet to overcome on the fault very soon. I would like to suggest to parents that Merkapa is a better choice for their children.


  • You do not need to charge the battery.
  • The weight of the wheels is meager.
  • It is suitable for rotatory motion.


  • The screw of all the parts lose. You have to keep in mind always to decrease the chances of falling.

Cal 7 Skateboard

The deck’s length is enhanced to 22.5 inches, which means that it is reliable for children. What is the best skateboard for 7 years kids? It is made for children ages seven years. By knowing all the others, it is fully supported for the beginners. A lot of consumers purchased it due to the great assembly. I am suggesting buying it to get rid of all the future problems of skating.


  • The price of the Cal 7 skateboard is reachable for all the buyers.
  • It is made to give perfect things to the customers.
  • There are many colors for you.


  • The tool of the skate is not part of the Cal 7 skateboard.
  • The plastic material used under the bolts is not accessible to changeable.

Skitch Premium Skateboard

It is only for 10 to 12 years old children. You will get your need after buying it because of the sound quality of the skateboard. The bushes in the skitch premium skateboard are good for picking the exact style of riding and flexibility. What is the best skateboard for 12 years, old kids? Skitch Premium Skateboard is one of the best products for 12 years of children.  Moreover, it is helpful to ride in rough ways. The use of ABEC-9 in the material of bearing lifted the quality versus the others in the market. 

According to the previous observations and experiments on Skitch Premium Skateboard, children have a better chance of getting more improvements in more than eight years. You need to push a minimal effort to lift the speed for covering long distances. Furthermore, it is also supported in unusual ways.


  • The bushes are the same as expected by the rider of 8 to 11 years. A lot of flexibility involved in the skateboard.
  • Bearing quality releases the maximum speed.
  • The stiffness in the wheels produced balance without any extra effort.


  • Paint on the surfaces loses its color after some time.

Ramble Skateboard

The length of Ramble skateboard increases to 22 inches that have never been seen in any other kids’ skateboard. It is enough to face the weight of 198 pounds as of 9 years old children.

The diameter of the wheels is up to 60 mm. You do not need to charge the battery for the model of PU. However, the pair of trucks and bearing pushed the speed of the skateboard. It is only assembled for the new riders to grind the ways of different kinds.


  • A small push leads to increase the speed.
  • You need to apply low effort.
  • No need for a battery.
  • It runs safely for different surfaces.


  • It is not reliable for a long time.
  • Paint disappeared within no time.
  • The price of it could be a matter for some purchasers.

KPC Pro Skateboard for Kids

KPC Pro Skateboard for kids meets all the needs of today’s children from 8 to 12 years. The wood used in the material was brought from Canada. The maple would put a force to increase the toughness on the deck. It can bear a weight of 200 pounds, which others could not exist in the past.

No doubt, the wheels of the skateboard are small, with a size of 52mm diameter. The width of almost 8 inches would enough to run fast the skateboard. You must know that it is not for the newly beginners—it for intermediate users who have some practice before it. I will amuse to ask to buy it for better output.


  • Both girls and boys have the opportunity to use it.
  • The material like the maple wood was bought from Canada.
  • Extra space on deck provided more choices to place your feet.


  • The bearing used on the board is of lower quality.
  • Very fast for the new beginners.
  • The color of the paint will disappear.

Chrome Wheels Skateboard

It is for the intermedia rider. You can use it after getting 10 years old or more. The length of it is the main difference, which is up to the 31 inches—an excellent option to show your hidden qualities. The diameter raised to the 50mm. Moreover, the reliability due to the two concave kick increased some more quality in features.

You can put all the tricks and options on the board. It will help you to settle the speed of different surfaces. Furthermore, the deck also has some friction to decrease the chances of slipping.

More than 220 pounds can put on it, which means that adults can enjoy it for their purpose.


  • The setting of wheels and shock made is very durable for riders.
  • The concave shape produced more options to change the place on the skateboard.
  • You can apply all the hidden stunts as well as tricks.


  • We observed that the part of the Chrome skateboard separated very soon.
  • It is only for the intermediate riders and adults.

ENKEEO Skateboard

The ENKEEO Skateboard manipulated for children to give them some kinds of practice about to flip, kickflip, and pickup of the nose. Moreover, the new shape of the skateboard converted into the same sort of two kick concave.

All the activities can control through the use of it. It is much better than the other board in the market. The shape of decks and the tires changed as per the new requirements for the kids. We concluded that the material of the ENKEEO skateboard would not leave its place for a long time.

I suggest availing the option of this skateboard due to having maximum control and real stability for beginners.

The price of ENKEEO will not be a significant matter for buyers. Moreover, the manufacturers also gave a 1-year warranty to the customers. Small Wheels and flexibility in the bearing of ABEC-9 created more choices for you.


  • Due to the addition of a double kink concave, you can manage all the skateboard moments.
  • One year warranty.
  • There will not voice while skating.


  • The manufacturer failed to provide a real description on their official website.
  • The bubbles under the deck can create some issues.

What is the best Skateboard for Kids?

What skateboards are suitable for beginners? I have discussed all available skateboards for kids as above. Now, it is up to the parents that which is the best skateboard for their child. You must have information about the quality and features of decks and wheels also. The massive and softness tires also played a vital role in running on the roads.

Skateboard for different ages of kids have also importance. Select that skateboard which full fill the needs of your loved ones. Do not compromise on the quality which purchasing any type in the market.

Final words

I have gathered all the information from different kinds of ways. Furthermore, I have seen that the use of plastic and rough material in the skateboard for types may harm the ways. No doubt, the price of the valuable skateboard will more than the standard products in the market. Deck, wheels, and flexibility are the main things to know before buying.

Stiffness in the wheels, massive tires, and upright shape of the deck must be of good quality to decrease the chance of failure. But, your budget could be a problem for the selection of any kind of skateboard.