Meepo NLS Pro – The Next Level Electric Skateboard For You

The Meepo NLS Pro is the upgraded version of the original NLS. It is the latest electric skateboard that Meepo has improved already. This Meepo board has been giving us more powerful electric skateboards for the last 3 years and also people can afford them easily.

Because the Meepo NLS Pro has a great range capability and it is also more durable than other electric skateboards, the purchasers always remain satisfied. If you are looking for a comfortable, durable, long-range capability and budget-friendly e-board, then read this article carefully.

Meepo NLS Pro

The Upgraded one is really a Pro

The Meepo brand always comes with some great featured longboards yet with a cheap budget. While purchasing an e-skateboard, you must need to see the features it has. In terms of long-lasting durability, faster speed, comfortability, and a great range capability, the Meepo leads over other electric skateboards found on the market or on the online stores.

It will give you great feedback. This electric skateboard is widely known for its acceleration, strong breaks, and its smart features. Among all the electric skateboards and mini e-boards, the NLS Pro is the fastest. It generates up to 30% more power and has up to 60% higher range in comparison to the previous version of the Meepo NLS.

Why you should go to the Meepo?

Yes, this can be the ultimate question. When you are getting other skateboards at a cheaper price on the market compare to this, then why would you go for the NLS Pro? Because the NLS Pro is the best among all.

You are getting more speed, more power, more range capability, more battery life, an upgraded deck, and a great control system on this NLS pro.

Let’s talk about the specs and features of this electric skateboard. The Meepo NLS Pro has some great features for the consumers. Here are the key features that you may have a look at.

1. The Deck of the board

This electric skateboard comes with an upgraded and premium deck than the previous version. The deck is made of premium fiberglass and bamboo. It is more flexible than before. The flexibility helps to reduce the amount of shock that can be felt while riding. So, the rider feels more comfortable. This deck gives you a painless ride. Even if you are riding at a higher speed, you will feel very little shaking.

It also comes with a stylish cut-out that attracts people around you.

2. Extended Battery Life

Comes with the powerful Samsung 40T 21700 cells battery. This is a 36V/5 Ah battery which is equal to 180Wh.

As we can see, the Meepo has a better battery, it has a range of 32 Km at a single charge. If the rider weighs heavy, then the battery life may reduce for a bit. But you will be able to cover an average of 27 to 30 Km range once you have fully charged the NLS’s battery by its fast charger which is found on the box.

3. Upgraded ESC

The skateboard has an ESC which is upgraded from the V2 to the Hobbywing ESC. Because it has smoother acceleration and breaking curve, it became a more popular choice for the people. It has a smart turn-on feature which is similar to the previous V2P. It automatically turns on when it detects any movement in the motors. You don’t need to bend your back every time to turn the board on. You just get on the board, move it to the front or back a bit, and the board starts to run itself.

4. Get a Remote

The NLS Pro has two different types of remote control.

You can have the V2 remote or the new NR (Night Ride) remote. Everybody likes the new NR remote because of its features.

The NR has a flashlight at the top of it. It is a very good feature to have. Because if you are riding at low light, then you must need a flashlight or something to see the path. You get the usual thumb scrolling wheel that leads to you to maintain the speed and apply the breaks as well. It has a built-in LCD display where you can see the battery percentage and the riding mode. It helps you by indicating this important info. It has a different and useful feature that everybody would love to have. You can now charge the remote straight from the battery of the NLS Pro.

5. Top Speed and Range

As we have mentioned above, the all-new NLS Pro is 30% more powerful and has a 60% higher range capability than the previous Meepo NLS. As it generates more power, it became the fastest electric skateboard. The top speed of the skateboard is 51 KMPH.

Once you have charged the battery, you will be able to ride up to 30 KM. That makes the NLS Pro the highest range capable skateboard as well.

These were the reason that you should buy the one and only Meepo Branded, NLS Pro Electric Skateboard.


As the Meepo brand has produced about all the latest specs on this NLS Pro, it has become a great choice for the consumers.

For a comfortable ride with more speed, more of anything that you want to form an electric board, The Meepo NLS Pro should be the ultimate choice for you.

If you are spending a lot of money to purchase one of them, then it must need to be worth it. Seeing all the specs and comparing with other skateboards come with the same pricing, this particular skateboard is the best choice.