How to make an Electric Bike with a Starter Motor

How to make an electric bike with a starter motor

An electric bike formulates your way of life easier in numerous ways. Certainly, you can purchase an innovative electric bike. However, if you renovate your usual bike into an excellent e-bike it will be a clever choice for you. It may save a big amount of money.

If you are thinking about how to make an electric bike with a starter motor, this article will help you with this. In this complete direction, we will explain to you the total systematic procedure for converting your conventional bike to a wonderful electric bike.

Essential Parts You Need For This Conversion

You require some essential E-Bike kits to make this electric bike. You need to assemble the following parts to build this whole procedure.

  • A traditional bicycle
  • Battery
  • A starter motor
  • Motor controller
  • A master link
  • An accelerator
  • Things to Consider While Selecting Parts for This procedure

Select the conventional Bike watchfully:

You should choose the bike watchfully since you are going to make a bicycle into an off-road electric bike. You may desire to bring some heavy things in your e-bike, so, decide on a bicycle, which should be capable to bring some additional weight. You should modify the tires carefully. Generally, select a bicycle with sufficient space so that the change procedure can be done simply.

Get the ideal Batteries:

You should make sure the voltage suspicious while buying the batteries. The batteries should have the ability to run an e-bike without any type of trouble. You should obtain the ideal charger for you as well.

Find The Perfect Starter Motor:

A starter motor is the next item you should select for this renovation procedure. It should appear rightly and you have to confirm whether it is appropriate or not for your bicycle.  If you do not identify where you can find a starter motor you can search online. You can find this from any kind of bike parts store.

Prefer the Motor Controller sensibly:

The energy produces in the battery while you ride an electronic bike, and will shift to the motor. Then, this motor controller controls this energy flow, which is so important for an e-bike. You also need to select the battery connectors for this procedure.

Select an accelerator:

You certainly desire to manage the acceleration of the e-bike.  You should make sure the Hall Effect in the accelerator when purchasing it for this alteration procedure.

The major 6 Steps to make an electric bike with a starter motor

You previously familiar with all of the necessary parts to make an electric bike with a starter motor. You almost certainly desire to identify the real procedure to do it. You need to follow these steps watchfully to build this.

Make Connection Between the Batteries:

Connecting the batteries is the initial step for this whole conversion procedure. If you wish to build a series connection between batteries, you can do it with no trouble. You just have to join the negative (-) end of a battery to the positive (+) end of another battery with a cable. If you desire, you can also formulate a parallel connection between the batteries also.

Set up The Motor Carefully:

The next pace is every part of installing the motor suspiciously on the bicycle. Now, you should build a connection between the crankshaft and an engine through a chain. The victorious installation of the motor in the bicycle will settle on upon the rest of the achievement of the project.

Test the engine:

Now you need to hold the engine and turn the chain centering the crankshaft wheel. At this time, take a trial to make sure whether everything is running satisfactorily or not. You can utilize a master link to build a connection between two sides of the chain. Now, the next important object is adjusting the motor suspiciously. Your motor should be placed in a correct location such that you do not have to be anxious while riding the electronic bike.

Keep the Motor Stay Firm:

Tightly setting the motor on the e-bike is the most significant object you should center on now. You may desire to regulate the plate to place the motor correctly. In this case, you can use a marker or pen. Now, make certain that the engine is attached powerfully to the plate of the bike. You may apply screws as well for holding the motor tightly.

Mount the Accelerator in the correct method:

Now, at this step, you need to increase the accelerator in the precise method. You may discover other methods as well. However, we are going to explain to you a very easy technique to do this. You have to put in a stiff component between the handlebar and handle of the bike. You can discover that stiff component in your previous bicycle. Now, a water and detergent mixture will assist you out in the rest of the work.

Connecting the Rest of the Dots:

If you follow the whole works correctly, you can pass all of the hard parts of the whole procedure. At this time, you just have to attach the remaining of the dots to conclude the work properly. You may desire to regulate the accelerator through the handlebar by applying a screw. Now, you have to create connections properly between the throttle cables, controller, and engine. Now you have to check the engine for one more time to notice if it is working or not.

The next step is to build a connection of the motor with the battery semi-permanently. You can also regulate the chain with washers. You should follow this complete procedure, learning how to make an electric bike with a starter motor.


An electric bike can carry many optimistic changes to your existence. You already identify that you can make your conventional bicycle into an e-bike simply.  We trust this complete direct assisted you to make out how to make an electric bike with a starter motor.

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