What is the Best Size of a Penny Board? Step By Step Guides

Do you want to know what is the best size of a penny board is? Yes, this question was raised a lot of times by the peoples. They failed to get an appropriate answer all the time. Before starting the article about the board’s size, you must keep in mind that not all penny boards are reliable for every user. But, I have some useful information for the viewers to leave a better choice for them at the end of the content. Let’s start with some basics.

The demand for penny board and nickel board is increasing due to more vigorous than the other in the entire market. The maker added one of the best material into these two best skateboards.

What is the Best Size of a Penny Board?

The smallest product has consisted of 22” length whereas the penny board width is only 6″. On the other hand, the nickel board has 27″ length and 7.5″ width. The best penny board is that which fulfills the needs of the user.

The average size of the penny board

The penny board is the customized shape of a skateboard. If there is some addition of plastic or maple, we can say that it changed into the penny board. According to the Australian company, there are no penny board sizes, which started from 22 inches to 27 inches. On the other hand, if you have more lengths from these given, it is converted into the longboard. It has a lot of shapes and designs with a 59mm diameter.  The penny board size chart started from 22” to 36” as a maximum.


All the customers want multiple uses of every product. So, the penny board has a lot of best features for the teenagers and younger ones. The penny board is hassle-free and does not have much weight. You can take it anywhere without any problem. No matter if you are a teenager, experienced and expert rider, it has the strength to face the weight of all the riders.

Are your shoes fit on the penny board?

If the length and width of any penny board matched to your feet, then it would be the size of a penny board. The research in the past shows that the children under the age of 6 did not get the balance on board due to size issues.

You must use much space on the board to increase or decrease the speed while skating on the road. I want to suggest that just put one foot on the board until you picked the required pace.

Penny Boards versus Nickel Board

What size penny board for a 12-year-old? The kids and young adults will get the maximum speed on a 22″ penny board whereas the taller and heavyweight skater need to use the nickel board for getting stability over there. You know that the size of the standard skateboard is 33” that is too good for the super experienced riders. Simultaneously, the portable penny board is one of the unique options for professional users.

According to previous research, more than 80 percent of people engaged in the back pain because of having 33″ length of the board. No doubt, it is very responsive and easy to use anywhere. What size penny board should I get for a 12-year-old? According to my views, after searching many sources, 22 inches size is a complete package for him.

The 32” Penny Skateboards

In the last some decades, a 32″ penny board raised due to its models’ versatile. It is the 3rd longer board after 27 inches penny board. Moreover, the shape and design also impressed the viewers. The head and nose stiffness is the vital difference from all the other size boards in the market. If we look into the board’s material, then we will see the fiberglass in the base of it, which increased the flexibility for all kinds of areas.

It is usually adopted by skating experts or who have a lot of experience in the past. Because of having mush size and weight, it is not easy to handle by the children. The newbies and young riders must stay away from it.

The 36” inches penny longboard

It is the fourth and last choice for the skaters. A lot of time and space is available over the board. Moreover, if you feel some tire, you can shift the place of feet. A small push in a long penny board raised the speed automatically. If we check the quality of wheels, then makers added a 66 mm size into it. Once you have bought it, then all the dreams of skating will come to an end. It is also useable for a longs time because of the maximum size.

At the beginning of skating, it is the only size used by all the skaters. Furthermore, the 3 feet size showed some classic options in it. You think that the board’s weight would be too high, but it is not your mind in reality. You do not have any choice if you want to go for more size. It created automatic supports and balances while you are applying so many tricks. The developers said that teenagers and younger ones must stay away from it because of more length than usual.

Advantages of 22-inch penny board

  • It provides a very sharp turn to the rider.
  • The size of the board remained helpful for quick ways like going to school or any market.
  • It is a suitable option for a backpack in the school locker.

Advantages of 27” Nickel Board

  • For newbies, the nickel board provided a real balance and soft riding to him.
  • If you wish to attain the fastest speed, then the nickel board has much room to adjust both feet’ adjustments.
  • It is a better choice, while you go down from downhills. Moreover, the speed of the board also increased within no time.

Wrap up

I hope you picked the right knowledge about the question of the best size of a penny board. If your shoe size is smaller than 13, then do not have to buy the regular-sized penny board because it will not fit you.

However, you have the choice to inquire about the related size to your feet manually from the market. While skating on the ways, if you feel that the size of 22” failed to adjust you, then choose the 27″ nickel board to try different tricks and speed. 

The quality and material also have a massive impact on the size of you and skateboards. However, the penny board price would be a problem for all the users. If the producers used high-quality plastic material in the cruisers, then small changes in the penny board’s size did not have much impact on the result.