Best Paintball Mask Expert Reviews & Top Picks

Would you like to beat the others in the paintball? Do you have a paintball mask? If you do not have, then do not be late to get better output and safety.

It does protect not only the users but also raised the experience of the game. If you failed to avail of the paintball option, it might be harmful to you and your play. The child must use it before entering the playground.     

I observed that after getting the information from the past decade, the player who uses the paintball mask has more wins than the others on the board. So, it is quite clear that it secured you from any sudden danger and defeat.

No one can deny the importance of because you also have to complete the rules of the game. After knowing the importance of the paintball mask, the other focus would be on its quality.

The best paintball masks always different from the other due have firm surfaces inside it to repel any threat.

Before picking the best product for you, you have to read the buying guide descriptively to fulfill your needs in the future time. Check here the handsome piece, which is durable to save you from damage to the nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. Let’s start the detail of 7 main products here.

Buying Guide – Best Paint Ball Mask

Before purchasing any product in the market, you must have information about the quality and material difference among all the same paintball masks. All the paintball mask has consisted of the same kinds of components, but it would be right for you? It is the main goal for me to brief you. Here are the things that need to be check before to pay the cost of the mask.


Suppose that if a paintball mask has more size than your head or lower to your requirement, then is it good for a safe game? No, you must check this point very clearly because no one would like to waste time adjusting the face mask again and again. Fitting is essential for better results.

Ears Padding

The ears padding is another discussion before to buy the mask of paintball. If there is a lot of space between the foam and ear, it also caused adjusting. On the other hand, the tight paintball may injure your ear after wearing it sometimes. So, ears padding must be a good option for remaining cool and calm during the play.

Please get the V-Force Gill paintballs to mask to remain free from all the hidden issues. It has all the mandatory features to give real protection to a man.

Quality of Lenses

If you failed to see the things in front of you, how will you conquer the day? So, do not focus on the paintball mask; see the quality of the lenses. Your lenses must be anti-fogging, and your level of seeing should be 260 to 270 degrees for a significant result. If you buy a cheap mask, then be ready for any damage in a short time.

High-quality lenses can watch the things very closely, even the smaller one and very far to you. The experienced players of paintable did not compromise about the material of the lenses. Thermal lens are mostly use in the play for paintball to repel the fog from your front.


It is not easy for everyone to waste the money to buy the paintball mask every month. So, check the reliability and durability of the product before picking up. The question is, how will you get the answer to these two terms? For this, you have asked the item to the users of those appliances in the past; either all the parts remained in working for a given period or failed after some days.

Another prominent feature is to check the quality of the material like the rubber, plastics, lenses, and safety option to buy a real and powerful paintball mask for you. Furthermore, get only that mask which could be used in the future or for the child also.

The Weigh of paintball mask

Do not but a paintball mask with a lot of weight because you have to wear for some hours in the day. You must get the mask for only 2 lbs as it will help you for a long time. It is not an easy task to wear high weight masks all day. You will get tired after some time and think to pull up from your head. So, focus on a lightweight, not heavyweight.

The Safety from UV

There is not specific weather to play the paintball game. It would help if you also played on warm days when the sun creates some ultra-violet rays towards you. These rays are very harmful to your eyes and body too. So, I’m suggesting you pay for that mask again, which also has the UV rays’ safety options. You will find it after paying more costs than the average in the market. One thing rakes into account that you must pay high for a high purpose.

Strap and Ant-Fog

Do not forget to check the strap with the mask. It will help you to fix the paintball mask as per the requirement. Mostly, two straps were available with a single product. Also, check the quality of the belt as well as the material used in the manufacturing.

Finally, after knowing all the buying guide features, we cannot ignore fogging using a paintball mask. Get that mask, which is suitable for fogging days. Thermal lenses and anti-fogging lenses have used to stay away from this headache.

I am assured that you have got all the essential information before to study the functions and features of paintball masks. I have collected some types of masks for you. Look at the following.

Top 7 Best paintball mask

Empire EVS

We can give it many ratings due to having much safety material inside it. Furthermore, the double pans lens, along with the shape of spherical, created more attraction. It will help you clear the spot without any protection issues. I checked that the elasticity in the paintball mask’s very inner mask is enough to give significant results in the bouncing of balls.

Empire EVS

The space for taking to the other through the mask in the form of ventilation is manipulated in decent style. You do not need any extra help from others to change the mask’s lens at any time.


  • The fog in the air will not affect the play.
  • It is not a big deal to swap the lens.
  • The ventilation system is excellent.
  • It is very comfortable if we look inside it.


  • The foam used inside the mask can slip from the fixed place.

Virtue VIO

The style of the Virtue VIO is awe-inspiring and innovative. No one can deny the best experience of the product. You will get more amusement and enjoyment after wearing it. A player has an option to set the mask as per the needs of the day. All the components of the mask-like the foam, lens, ventilation, pads of the ear, and strap created a lot of protection. I liked this mask, which is flexible all the time.

Virtue VIO

One of the mask’s main features to uplift the demand is the presence of shock absorbent and free from fog. While on the other hand, the inputs of high-quality plastic and foam are enough to catch the customers.


  • It has all the options for you and innovative shape.
  • The place of ventilation is on its real spot.
  • It is free from the problem of fog and durable also.
  • The Virtue VIO absorbed the shock very well.
  • You can get UV protection safety, which is incredible for a user’s.


  • It failed to give the facility of the visor.

Bunkerkings CMD

The Bunkerkings CMD paintball masks are produced for both purposes. You can wear it for an individual pursuit and for playing in the tournaments also. It is available on the broadside, and the flow of air is very friendly for the player.

Due to having the layer of condensation inside the mask, it is god to get the right environment rather than the heat from outside. The makers did not leave any fault in the thermal layers, which repel the fog in front of you.

It produced the real calm and relaxed the payer at the time of play because of soft and comfortable.

Bunkerkings CMD

I have seen additional layers of the foam inside the mask to provide more safety and protection to the players. But, the makers do not compromise on the visibility.


  • It has a thermal lens for anti-fogging.
  • The extra layers of foam gave more safety.
  • You can wear and operate very efficiently.
  • The visibility through the Bukerkings CMDr is excellent.


It does not have a variation in colors.

Empire E-Flex

A lot of players have problems with allergy in the skins and remained worried about solving the issue. Moreover, while they wear the paintball mask for playing, the question automatically increases due to more heat and the face.

So, Empire E-Flex only manufactured for these kinds of people in the market. They posted the anti-allergy to get rid of it. Furthermore, the setting of the foam inside the mask is also placed well by knowing the cause.

The other best features of the mask are fogging like the nose, ear, mouth, and other parts. Moreover, it also saved the eyes to give clear visibility.

I am happy to tell the features of UV and inputs of anti-fogging played a double protection role for the players.

Empire E-Flex

Finally, it is all because of customizable shape; all sizes of faces can cover through its use. You can increase or decrease the space inside very accurately when the need arises.


  • You can take breathe easily as compared to the others.
  • It gives more projection to the voice of the user.
  • The addition of UV light is useful to save from any harmful rays. The work has done through the thermal lens.


  • There is some issue with adjusting the glasses and masking at the same time.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal

If we say that the Dye Precision I4 thermal paintball mask is all in one, it would not be wrong. It increased the closeness and visibility for the players in the presence of the eyeglasses on his face.

We have a couple of shapes and designs for the given mask, which is reliable for paintball players. It will automatically adjust your face and thin to provide a friendly environment.

It could be tight for the heavyweight and large head because of size, but it could not be a big issue. They can adjust it easily.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal

However, it is somewhat tighter for users with relatively large heads, so make sure to try it once and see if it provides sufficient coverage.


  • It gave the entire protection to the face.
  • The multi-design of the mask is admirable.
  • There is no problem with fog because of having an anti-fog lens.
  • You can customize by knowing the requirements.


  • The people who have a large head, it would be right for them to adjust.

Virtue VIO Ascend

If you want to hunt the woodsball, speedball, and paintball with a single mask, then do not forget the Virtue VIO Ascend presence. It has consisted of sixteen options of the lens for users like the sporty, light, dark, smoke, Chromatic gold, and others.

Due to having the straps inside the mask, you can customize the shape and design by knowing the kind of play.

The customization for other purposes did not impact the quality and reliability of the product. Moreover, the foam that was pasted inside the area of the mask automatically created more options. Once you have purchased it, then feel free for some years.

Virtue VIO Ascend

I have searched the entire product review and failed to find a single issue regarding safety and protection.


  • You can customize the shape by knowing the goal.
  • The option of airflow is better.
  • You have a choice to adjust the foam or replace it.
  • High-quality material is used in manufacturing.


  • There is a slight issue for some users because of small heads.

V-Force Grill

The V-Force Grill paintball mask has minimal weight but left all the long-lasting results for players. People liked to purchase it because of lightweight features and give maximum ranges of safety.

Another reason to give more rating versus the others is the availability for all the players like the newbies, child, and experienced. Furthermore, it has a lot of space inside to fix the eyeglasses. After covering all the problems, there is no change in the mask’s visibility and optimality.

A ventilation area is made from the soft rubber material to safe from the paintball protection to create any damage on the face. All these options pushed me to admire it.

Do you want more features here? Yes, all the inputs of the masks are almost replaceable for adjusting to all sizes of players. The lens protected by the stubby visor and soft foam provided some more comfort to us.

After getting the V-Force Grill mask’s detail, I find a single issue there that is the problem of size.

V-Force Grill

But, overall, it is an optimal option for all beginners, professionals, and different age’s people.


  • It has very light in weight but gives optimum results.
  • The foam, lens, and strap can alternate and customize any time.
  • Free from all kinds of scratches and have anti-fog features.
  • It saved you head from an explosion of the ball.


  • It is not available in the market in full size.


Q. How can I swap the paintball mask?

A.  It is not a big problem to do it. You have to read all the instructions and precautions before opening the box. 

You can clean or swap the paintball mask’s lens with the help of some water and cloth. A special liquid for this task is also available in the market. For better results, visit the official site of that product to know the simple method.

Please stay away from all the other rough material because it could damage the product.

Q. How to save a paintball mask lens from the fog?

A. There are many ways to prevent the paintball mask lens, but the usage of the lens’s thermal material is the better one. Furthermore, most of the people used the spray of anti-fog for getting the required result. A masked fan is also a superior choice for this goal. The makers added the fan at the exact place to swap all the drops of the fog in front of you.

Q. How to wear glasses with the paintball mask?

A.  You have an option to use the glasses and paintball mask at the same time—most of the paintball masks introduced in the market for this purpose. There would be some extra space for the users between the lens and glasses also. You can also inquire to the company for this issue. There will be a complete detail about it.

Q. How can we differentiate between the thermal lens and anti-fog lens?

A. The anti-fog lenses are part of the best paintball mask which already fitted in the product. Whereas, the anti-thermal lens is another thing here. It is the composition of a couple of lenses to leave a more significant result.

All the anti-thermal lens has some surfaces around it to leave the particles of fog and water also. But, both the thermal and anti-lens have the same goal to achieve for players.

The outer side of the thermal lens is always thought compared to the lens’s inner side. So, a couple of settings provided an excellent output at the end to see in front of you.

Q. Is a paintball mask good for airsoft?

A. yes, why not? You can avail of the option of the paintball mask for airsoft. Due to having strong constructions and material, it is suitable for multi-purpose. The makers adjusted the lens of the mask very wisely for the use of airsoft.

 Final Words

If you are playing the paintball game without wearing the mask, you are rattling your hopes. You do not make it an easy thing. I suggest making the maximum investment to improve the game and protection also. No doubt, there are several paintball masks in the market, but these everyday products failed to give any result when it requires.

Finally, I assure you that you have got all the information about the paintball masks and choose the better one. You must check all the material and quality like the lens, inside secular and ventilation spaces.  Undoubtedly, high-quality paintball face masks may have a high cost than the rough ones in the market.

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