Top 10 Best Skateboard Under 100 Expert Suggest For Buying

Hey! Are you looking for a versatile and durable Skateboard for under $100? Here you go!

Best Skateboard Under 100.Whether you are a skilled skateboarder or just a beginner, it is critical to pick a skateboard that conforms to your knowledge level and skateboarding mode. Every Skateboarder prefers to have the best complete skateboard for beginners, on which they can execute tricks. When purchasing a complete skateboard, you have to be very significant because occasionally, some parts are not of predicted quality. 

If you are one of those who expect a perfect skateboard, then you are in the ideal place, and this article is for you!  Fortunately for you, we’re about to present the top 10 best skateboards under $100 of 2020, but before jumping into each item, there are a few aspects that you should consider. Let’s explore!

Here is the Top 10 Best Skateboards Under $100

There are Top 10 skateboard in the market All expert suggest for these skateboard

1. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications

  • Length | 31.75 inches
  • Width | 7.75 inches
  • Bearings | ABEC 7
  • Truck | 5 inches
  • Wheels | 54mm
  • Maximum weight capacity | 200 pounds
  • Deck | 7-Ply Canadian Maple Construction
  • Warranty | 30 days

Punisher Cherry Blossom is our choice for the best Skateboard under $100 for girls due to its high-quality build and beautifully printed graphics. The basic specifications of this board include heat-sealed foam pads and a Canadian maple deck. It is a fantastic skateboard for carving out those performing cool tricks, tricky turns, and even just riding.

The deck of this board estimates 31.5 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width. Furthermore, it contains seven layers of Canadian maple wood to deal with all your trick attempts. Besides, the deck marks a mildly concave double kicktail design to give rise to tricks and stunts a lot easier and faster to learn.

The bearings are of intermediate quality, measuring seven on the ABEC ratings. The heavy-duty 5-inch alloy buses and trucks and their unique shape assist it support riders weighing 200+ pounds. Additionally, Punisher Cherry Blossom also appears with Polyurethane Cushions and PE Riser Pads.

The Skateboard encloses with heavy-duty grip tape on the top to assure a more stable and grippy ride. If we talk about its wheels, it contains PU wheels that measure 56 x 36mm. The Skateboard is quite durable and low priced. It is favorable for amateur and intermediate skateboarders. All-around, it is an excellent budget-friendly skateboard that has perfect feminine prints.


  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Excellent for tricks and stunts
  • Mildly concave design with a double kicktail
  • Striking artwork featuring cherry branches and pink accents
  • Perfect gift for girls who are into skating.


  • None

2. Eggboards Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Eggboards Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Key Specifications

  • Length – 19 inches
  • Width – 9 inches
  • Bearings – ABEC 9
  • Truck – 7 inches
  • Wheels – 69mm 76a
  • Wheelbase – 12 inches
  • Deck – bamboo construction
  • Maximum weight capacity – 250 lbs

If you expect to buy a quite portable for toddlers and children to carry around, you can try this Skateboard. Our preference for the best Skateboard under $100 for kids ages 2 to 3 is the Eggboards Mini Longboard. The large wheels, tiny size, and enormous deck provide outstanding stability.

These small skateboards estimate 19 inches Long x 9 inches wide. Little kids will handily be able to locate their balance on this Skateboard as it is a bit larger than the average 6 inches. The 12-inch wheelbase of this board is a little larger than other panels. It will provide your kid with more stability while remaining compact.

If we talk about its deck, it comprises a cold-pressed, 4-ply bamboo wood to ensure high-quality. It also contains reliable aluminum trucks to provide its sturdiness. The bamboo wood is understood to be relatively healthy and renders the Skateboard more reliable. The expansive deck also comprises grip tape for extra security.

Although you can easily fit in your lockers, I appreciate its small size, since it is less than 20 inches, you can take this Skateboard with you as a carry-on item, implication you won’t have to survey it like a suitcase.

The wheels are large but soft with ABEC-9 bearings. These wheels will operate smoothly on smooth or bumpy surfaces, and your toddler will have additional grip while turning. The giant wheels also assure that your child spends less time moving with their foot and extra time riding this cheap Skateboard.


  • Good Stability
  • Compact Size
  • Portability
  • Affordable


  • Wheels may be soft for pro riders

3. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

Key Specifications

  • Length | 22 inches
  • Width | 6 inches
  • Truck | 3 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity | 198 lbs

Our selection for the best Skateboard under $100 overall is the RIMABLE Complete 22 inches skateboard. We have selected this Skateboard because it is one of the extensively prominent skateboards for kids. This Skateboard is lightweight, which is a good thing since young skaters employ it. Even though it is light, it is also relatively sturdy and has the stability to hold up to 90kg weight.

The graphics on ack and top of this Skateboard is very cool. Also, it comes in multiple designs, all of which are colorful and attractive. One of the best features of this Skateboard is that even though its deck is of plastic, it is relatively lightweight.

The deck of this board is 6 inches in width and 22 inches long. From this, It also comprises a kicktail for performing quick turns, tricks, and slides. This complete Skateboard under 50 also contains 3-inch light aluminum trucks that help provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride.

Besides, It contains 59mm 78A polyurethane wheels with ABEC-7 rated bearings. DIMMABLE 22-inches Skateboard seems with catchy colors and prints that will fascinate the eyes of young skateboarders.


  • Lightweight and Sturdy
  • Attractive Designs
  • Affordable Price


  • Quality of Wheels is not durable and long-lasting.

4. Retrospect Zed Bamboo Complete Skateboard

Retrospect Zed Bamboo Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications:

  • Length | 44 inches
  • Width | 9.5 inches          
  • Bearings | ABEC 7
  • Deck | 8-ply Canadian maple construction
  • Truck | 7 inches
  • Wheels | 70mm 85a
  • Maximum weight capacity | 220 lbs

This Skateboard is a very affordable and most elegant skateboard we’ve seen in a while. It consists of a classic surfboard shape and feels. It has many high-quality elements that are adequate for beginners and professional players.

The design and design of this Skateboard make it one of the best skateboards under $100. In addition to this, it appears in numerous colors and designs, so you can prefer your favorite style that approximates your attitude. Retrospect Zed Bamboo emphasizes wider, stronger wheels with PU cast black bushing. It will assist you in rolling over pebbles, different terrains, and even uneven pavements.

Zed bamboo skateboard has an excellent blend of 8-ply Canadian maple and two piles of bamboo, giving rise to the complete skateboard heavy and versatile. Another characteristic of Zed Bamboo skateboard worth mentioning is the reverse kingpin trucks. They empower you with a very reactive and steady gliding knowledge.

When talking about its performance, it comprises 70mm 85a PU wheels. These wheels appear with a rock finale and bearings of ABEC-7 rating that will provide you a smooth ride. The dimensions of this board are 9.5 inches wide and 44 inches long. Only it will give you a comfortable and smooth ride.


  • Excellent Design
  • Wider Wheels
  • Smooth bearings
  • Allows for easy flip


  • Wheel quality is average.

5. Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Key Specifications:

  • Length | 30 inches
  • Width | 8.3 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity | 220 pounds
  • Motor Power | 350W Single Hub Motor
  • Top speed | 12.4 mph
  • Charge time | 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Range | Up to 6.2 miles on a single charge
  • Warranty | one year

When it appears to electric skateboards, everyone realizes that the Hiboy electric skateboards are best. Here, we have selected the Hiboy S11 as our choice for the best Skateboard under $100 of 2020. It is an excellent entry-level electric skateboard for both experienced and beginner riders.

The first aspect you will discover about the S11 is its weight. It only weighs 3.60 kgs or 7.94 lbs, one of the lightest and most muscular electric skateboards on the market. This electric board’s build quality is necessarily par excellence with upgraded ingredients and technology than the earlier version.

Everything from the trucks to the deck makes sure this Skateboard keeps up in shape for years and provides you importance for your money. It has an extent of going up to 6.2 miles on a sole charge. It can also move as fast as 12.4 mph. It is excellent for cruising around traveling short distances.

The S11 appears with four ride and braking modes, excellent for a beginner who understands and for somebody who just needs to go around town. This electric Skateboard can overcome at least 150 lbs of weight. The S11 retaining grade is IP54. It’s not waterproof, so I advised you not to use it on wet roads.

All-around, this is a best complete skateboard on Amazon for people who need to go from point A to point B but don’t wish to use an enormous piece of the appliance for the purpose. If you’re curious about electric skateboards, you can look at our electric skateboard article for more knowledge.


  • Great Build Quality
  • Ride Modes
  • Suitable for Heavy Riders
  • Quiet Motor


  • Not Waterproof

6. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications:

  • Length | 31.75 inches
  • Width | available in different widths ranging from 7.5″ to 8″
  • Bearings | ABEC 7
  • Deck | 7-ply maple construction
  • Wheels | 52mm 99a
  • Trucks | 5.25 inches
  • Warranty | one year

Cal 7 is one of the best Skateboards under $100 due to its better durability than others. It features sturdy trucks, somewhat flexible maple construction, and solid wheels, maintaining the skateboard sliding and grinding. Cal 7 has a portable and lightweight 22″ x 5.75″ deck that is of high-quality material.

The wheels that appear with Cal 7 are a little and broad softer than most of the other wheels out there. This softness of the wheel will permit you to roll over pebbles and cracks easily. It is a superb selection for beginners and average players because it furnishes a soft ride.

It realizes as if you are drifting with this Skateboard. It captions 31mm 99a durometer polyurethane wheels. These wheel specs are excellent for trial and error when you are only starting with skating. Lastly, the Cal 7 complete skateboard is the best cruiser skateboard under $100 that you can comfortably ride. It is an adequate all-rounder board that appears with a warranty of one year.


  • Comfortable
  • Softer Wheels
  • Affordable


  • Need to take proper care as edges may scuffed up.

7. Sector 9 Lookout Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications:

  • Length | 42 inches
  • Width | 9.2 inches
  • Bearings | ABEC 5
  • Deck | 5-ply laminated Bamboo construction
  • Wheels | 78a 74mm
  • Truck | 139mm

Sector 9 is among the best and most prominent skateboard brands all over the world. They have been working in the business for over 20 years. Sector 9 Lookout is the excellent all-round Skateboard for new or best Skateboard under $100 alike. Moreover, it has a drop-through design that gives rise to it low to the ground and hence simple to push on.

This skateboard board is of bamboo laminate, which gives rise to it very flexible yet rigid sufficient not to be flimsy. The board is incredibly lightweight, gratitude to its 5-ply bamboo layering.

Everything about Sector 9 Lookout speaks of relief and stability. Its deck size is long and wide, having lots of running space. It brings about it easy for beginners to understand to ride it, and it also enables distance skaters to push on. It is additional than 9.6 inches in width and 41 inches in length.

A wheelbase of 31 inches provides it reasonable stability. This board’s wheels are 4mm 78A Center Set Nine ball wheels, which are incredibly durable and ideal for a long ride as they consume vibrations. It’s construction materials contains 100% bamboo and appears entirely assembled and prepared to ride out of the box.


  • Suitable for any skill level
  • Great Maneuverability
  • High-quality Wheels


  • Wheels need regular cleaning

8. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard Review

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard Review

Key Specifications

  • Width: 8.0 inches
  • Length: 32.125 inches
  • Wheelbase: 14.375 inches
  • Wheels: 54mm/99a wheels
  • Truck Width: 7.625
  • Material: 7 -ply maple wood deck

Positive is one of the more critical brands of skateboards. This board is a trick-friendly product that appears from Rodney Jones, Andy Macdonald, and Sandro Dias. Despite this skateboarder pedigree, this board is yet considerable and best skateboard under$100 for beginners as well as developed riders.

It does, however, have some enormous aesthetic aspects that will incite it to stand out somewhat. Many of the crosses are wire-frame, and each is of several sizes. In the center of the board are Andy MacDonald’s name and bright blue Positive logo, which exhibits Andy who developed this board.

The wood is then bound jointly using potent, sticky waterproof glue. This particular board consists of maple, which is the business-standard. This board has a very excellent weight capacity; effectively, it should have no problem with a 200 pound or more riders.

S a track-oriented board that contains grippe wheels that will enable you to proceed pretty quickly on slippery surfaces so that you can have no problem doing a surplus of tricks.

Overall, this Skateboard is small and lightweight, which lets you do some impressive tricks. The trick-friendly wheel size and concave shaping are both elements that strengthen this board by the Positiv team. If your objective is to understand at the skate park, this is the best cruiser skateboard under $100 for you.


  • SST slide treatment
  • Fine concave on deck
  • Can withstand abuse
  • Truck dimension is great


  • Only limited prints and graphics available

9. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Powell Peralta
  • Deck Width: 7.5 inch
  • Deck Length: 31.38 inches
  • Material: Maple
  • Color: Diamond Dragon 3

Are you reviewing for a small design skateboard? The Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is the best Skateboard under $100 and satisfies your conditions. The board has a fantastic vintage design from the 1970s. The manufacturer generates high-quality skateboards from several years of knowledge in the industry.

The Skateboard is small but perfect for regular rides to and from daily routine. You can utilize this board as an immediate aspect of transport. It estimates 22″ and suits several feet in size. All skating riders can comfortably employ this board no matter their feet size. It has a powerful grip that keeps the feet establishment on the board.

The Penny Graphic Skateboard is lightweight and fits in the institute locker and office desk. The board has strong and stable wheels. It employs the ABEC5 bearings that are favorable for high speed. You will appreciate a steady ride on any kind of road and landscape.

The Penny Graphic Skateboard is insignificant and has a unique design. The deck is strong and supports heavyweights that are reasonable to carry around and suit well in a bag. The small deck gives rise to its ideal for riding along pavements and footpaths.


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to ride on pavements and sidewalks
  • Stable and smooth rides


  • Paint at the bottom may chip off.

10. Stereo Vinyl Complete Skateboard

Stereo Vinyl Complete Skateboard

Key Specifications

  • Deck Type: Plastic deck
  • Deck Size(Inches): 22″ X 6″
  • Available Colors:  Yellow
  • Wheels: 59 mm soft 78a  wheels
  • Bearings:  Abec 7 bearing
  • Trucks: 3.15″ inches trucks with 90a bushings

The Vinyl Cruiser skateboard from Stereos is one of the best skateboards under $100 that is perfect for any student wanting to get around the campus faster than usual. If we talk about its deck, the plastic deck can arrive in numerous colors, from yellow to black, and it’s completed with groove tracks, giving rise to it look like a vinyl record.

For increased strength, this Skateboard has 3,125 trucks, soft 90A bushings, and 78A PU tunnel wheels. You will also obtain, free of charge, 3,125 trucks and a sticker pack so you can customize the Vinyl Cruiser as you observe fit.

The best skateboard reviews have provided this high model rating, which is why we suggest its purchase. The reinforced injection-molded plastic makes it flexible but very credible at the same time.

The 59mm soft wheels are long-lasting and deliver a smooth ride even over more challenging terrain. As an additional bonus, you will obtain a pair of Stereo sunglasses to approximate the board and a set of emblems to customize the board as you watch fit.


  • Free Sunglasses
  • Free Sticker Pack
  • Affordable


  • Terrible Bearings
  • The wheels are a bit loud.

Cheap Skateboard Buying Guide

Learners must select a skateboard that tasks well for all surfaces, whether it’s a park or street. It has implied that you have an awful idea on the selection of the best skateboards under $100 you need; our team has emerged with a list of headlines that everyone must consider when paying for their first Skateboard.


As for all other vehicles, reels are going to define the speed limits of your Skateboard. These are existing in sets of four by various manufacturers. Moreover, there is a large spectrum of colors, stability, and sizes. Finding the best skateboard brand wheels relies on your personal preference.

Generally, amateurs’ best Skateboard should have a mid-sized skate wheel with a range of 52 mm – 54 mm. Its medium udometer would be 90a to 99a. One benefit that tags along with this size is the relief to fix them on the trucks.

There is no condition for a riser pad. In case your wheel sizes pass over over this range, a riser pad has to settle beneath the truck for the rapid swiveling of the board.

Deck Size

We suggest that now you should check the deck width that is proportional to your shoe size. If you wear a range of 6.5 to 9 inches, the deck must be between 7.5 to 8 inches. And, if your shoe size is 9.5 or above, you must move for a deck size that’s between 8 to 8.5 inches.

The size also varies according to the ground that you’ll be skating on. Usually, experts imply beginning with an 8 inch wide and 30-inch extended deck. Wider boards are enormous for beginners as they enable you to have a firm standing position.


It is necessary to buy from only the best brands that offer durability, strength, and functionality. Low-cost skateboards prone to damage can hurt you, specifically when you are almost beginning with skateboarding. We have already developed a list of some of the best Skateboard brands for beginners to decide from that.


The next point is to select two trucks for the board. These are accessible in different sizes. We suggest you analyze only a few top brands to make the pick less confusing.

You should know that the truck size is confident of the size of your deck. The axle length must correspond to the width of the deck. It enables us to ensure that it will match the deck’s width once the trucks are on. A satisfactory alignment will happen in the smooth running of the wheels.

Bearings and Bolts

Every part of the Skateboard compels careful selection. Being a newbie, you are moving to have a hard time bringing the board’s grip. You do not require an added burden of incompatible parts.

That’s why we suggest you select the smallest parts like bearings and bolts with extreme care. The directions will spin the wheels, and bolts are getting on to stabilize the truck.

The actual skateboard bearing size is the inner diameter of 8mm. You should also understand the ABEC rating system showed on the bearings. It calculates the tolerance and physical limit of the directions. Apart from these factors, it is necessary to keep the paths clean and well-oiled from the first day.

 Other Factors

It is not ever probable that inexpensive elements are not useful. Actually, with a low priced skateboard, you can swing smoothly and safely. The cheaper but good Skateboard formulated from the Canadian maple skateboard material. Also, survey the grip tape. Some grip tape inclines to fall off. Fully compiled is a plus point. Although these skateboards are cheap, they are lovely comfortable, and high-quality ones to bring about a pick from a skateboard shop.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I care for my Skateboard?

To make your Skateboard long-lasting, you should keep the following precautions in your mind! First of all, you should not ride your board through puddles, rain, or in the sand. Secondly, Do not leave your Skateboard in extremely hot or humid environments. Third, you should have your bushings replaced about every six months because old bushings will soften and become stiff over time.

2. Can I bring my electric Skateboard on the plane with me?

Unluckily,  they sound like excellent vacation companions; leading airline companies don’t permit the presence of batteries greater than 100 Watt-hours. That fresh broadly rules out electric skateboards completely.

3. Do I need to wear skate shoes? What difference do they make?

If you are a casual skater who goes out to glide once or twice a week, skate shoes won’t bring about much of a distinction for you. But actually, it relies on your level of experience and interest in skating.

Wrap Up

Skateboarding is undoubtedly among the most exhilarating tasks everyone can try. But to relish your skating, you must have a durable, perfect, and best Skateboard at a low price. So, if you want to get the best Skateboard for under 100, then review our above guidance before purchasing. It will surely help you to access your best required Skateboard.

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