Different Ways to Stop on a Skateboard- You should know it

Beginners Guide step by step

Beginners need to learn how to stop on a Skateboard. Different Ways to Stop on a Skateboard, If you know all things about the Skateboard than this will prevent you from getting injured and falling. And of course, It can be a useful skill to knowing this, which gets you out of trouble and it can also be a good trick that you can also see to other beginner Skaters. You will get some easy and useful skills to stop your board. 

If you will start rolling too fast, you can get out of trouble always. It saves you from painful crashes. There are some good and bad ways to stop on a Skateboard.

1. Footbrake

2. Crash

3. Roll to the rough

4. Board Pop

5. Heel Brake

6. Carving

7. Kick turn360

8. Dragging your tail

9. The power slide

10. Run-off your Skateboard

1. Footbrake

There is a way to stop on a Skateboard, it is called footbrake. Put your foot push down flat and you can use it as a break. Then drag the foot flat on the ground to slow you down.

You are going a bit too fast or a car pulls out, you are cruising down your street. If you don’t want to crash and burn, it is important to learn to know about footbrake.

The all instructions which we have given you for Longboarding, Skateboarding, and any other boarding you come up with. With the help of your front foot, turn your toes, so they face the nose of the board. Your face should be forward and chest also turns as well.

2. Crash (not recommended)

There is a way of crash sometimes the only way to stop it falls on your face. It happens so it is called the way of crashes. It happens sometimes that you have no other choice than Allying.

Or when you are trying to crash sometimes then try some tricks. Of course, we don’t recommend crashing, we are going to help you with this. Make sure all the time you are wearing all your gears. You should learn how to fall safely without or with injuries.

3. Roll to the rough

Pick up some gravel or short grass. Roll-off the smooth grass. The friction that is added will slow you down. If doing this you are going too fast this might cause you to fall off to slow down try carving. Be sure to brace and crouch yourself for the transition into the grass. It is too thick to hit it and stop dead.

Different Ways to Stop on a Skateboard

If you are riding at walking speed, you can just catch your board and stop off. Vanity note, To tip your board up, kick down the tail, walk away looking cool, grab it with your hand. If you are going faster, you can try to bail off and run it out, say it running speed. Make sure, you can run as fast as your board though when you stop, you can fall. You don’t want to try this if you are going above 20 mph.

4. Board Pop

This is one of the easiest and coolest tricks to stop on a Skateboard. But it can also be tricky to master it for a beginner. It will take some practice and effort. You can Ollie pop the board and just walk away If you are rolling slow enough and want to stop. This is a trick and it requires the ability to the board of Ollie and pop. Then it is easy to catch it with your hand. Try this only when slow riding.

Slow down the board

Kick the tail and get off that it bounces

Catch board with your hand

5. Heel Brake

Drop to your heel down and lift the front wheels. Then you drag it on the ground. To keep balance is a tricky thing and also make sure to not drag the deck. It will wear down in razor tail. It is not good.

6. Carving

Carve full and long turns with your trucks. This will slow down you to the point where you can hold the board into your hands and start to walk away. It is better to slow down if you are riding fast when stop on your skateboard. When you may run off your board carving around longturm may slow down you or pop up your board to completely stop.

Some people also ask how to start on a cruiser board or how to slow down on a penny, then you can carve long turn whether it is any other cruiser board or penny.

7. Kick turn 360

Yes, this might be worried and something new for you, but you can trust me, that I am telling you the easiest and effective technique to stop a skateboard. All skills which you have learned already are your turning skills.

If you have not these skills, then first learn and master turning a Skateboard. When you are riding so fast and you want to stop this, just raise the nose of your board and kick turn your board. Let the speed push and keep the nose upturn you 360 degrees. Keep turning to slow down or completely stop it.

8. Dragging your tail                                                          

When you are going to learn how to stop a Skateboard, you will also learn how to drag the tail. It can damage the deck of your board so that pro skaters do not recommend it. In this way, if you learn tail drag skateboard, simply put yourself in the hell brake position. But you will drag the tail of the board by pushing it with your back foot instead of sliding your heels.

9. The power slide

Of course, the coolest and probably the best way to stop the Skateboard power slide. Every beginner should learn this. But you should keep in mind that it will take time and effort to learn a power slide. To learn about you can see this Power slide.

Property stand

You should shift your weight

Make sure your foot tightly in your grip.

Let the board more forward

Let the board leaching slide all the wheels                                                     

10. Run-off your skateboard

When you are riding slowly it might be the easiest way to stop running off your skateboard. After leaving the board you should take some steps forward. How to run off a skateboard

Position your foot back forward in the air.

When you are read put it down

You should leave the board

Take forward some steps with the motion

It has a drawback that your skateboard goes away from you and leaves you. If you skateboard may hit hard if you are riding fast with a wall or something else. Remember when you are riding in a crowded place like skateboard don’t ride with loose trucks because it may hurt someone. You should use your back foot as a brake. Put your back foot on the ground flat. Drag your pushing foot with the ground. This thing can get your foot stuck on the ground and you will fall.                                                                                                                                                                                

Related questions of Different Ways to Stop on a Skateboard

 Q. How to stop on Skateboard?

 To stop on the skateboard push down sharply on the tail, to lift the board front, bending your front leg, and transferring some of your weight backward. You can also use the front foot and your shoulders to turn backward, turning the board away from the trail direction. Your trail and the heel will bring you to a stop.

Q. How to stop on a skateboard going downhill?

1 Runoff, simply jump off the board and make sure you are not going oo quickly.

2 Footbrake, this is the best slightly squat down and lower your footbrake until it touches the pavement. Gradually using friction comes to a hat shift your weight onto your brake foot.

Q. How to push on a skateboard?

 Most Skaters use their Skateboards, but sometimes skaters find it easy instead to push with their front foot.

Q. How to stop on Longboard?

 You can stop by hopping off your Longboard. If you are cruising at relatively low speed, e.g 10-15 mph on a flat surface, the easiest and most obvious way to stop on your Longboard IS just stop pushing and ride it, letting friction slow you down from the ground.


If you want to know how to stop on Skateboard, you should learn all things which we have told you about. If you are new to Longboarding, probably your first concern was to choose the right Longboard to start with it.

The next priority is when riding at any sped how to stop on your Long Board and avoid crashing and hurting yourself. There are some different methods you can use for slowing down or stopping on your Skateboard.

These ranges are from easy to hard, basic to advanced, doable at lower to higher speeds. These options are from easy to highly technical to make your Longboard stop Jumping your board and running it out Braking with your sole foot. The hills turn down carving Your Long Board Sliding.