How to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35

How to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35

Making your own skateboard is cheaper than Purchasing a pre-assembled skateboard. Some people feel affection for skateboarding a lot, but cannot purchase, for the economical problem. We present important tips on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35. If you want to make your skateboard, you may not obtain the best of finishing. You can get ideas on how to make an electrical skateboard then you will find a high-quality skateboard.

In this description, we will describe how to make an electric skateboard for $35.  An electric skateboard is similar to a usual skateboard. However, it appears with a pre-installed motor drive to move the skateboard. You will acquire improved control over your ride since the skateboard contains a digital navigation structure. You can build an electric skateboard about within $35 bucks.

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Make a blueprint

Before you begin with amazing, a blueprint can assist you to acquire the most excellent of results. A blueprint is mostly a plan where you blot your objectives. You will find an architectural design on the blueprint for electric skateboards. Before making an electric skateboard, the blueprint is a director for what equipment you require. You will obtain a crystal-clear sight of the number of your equipment.

You can look online and you can discover many electric skateboards obtainable. You can decide very nearly any blueprint. Make certain the blueprint assembles your taste and the design presents a stable and great ride. Before you select your skateboard blueprint, you have to maintain three things in mind. If you maintain these three things in mind, you can acquire an excellent blueprint always.

  • What you desire to do with your skateboard and for whom you will make the skateboard
  • Select the blueprint according to your budget.
  • Select the blueprint design appropriate for your physic

Collect your skateboard materials

Before making your skateboard, the necessary materials are:

  • 6-7 plies of plywood / solid wood/ Maple wood /(30 cm*10 cm)
  • Two pair of Skateboard wheels
  • A set of eight bolts and nuts
  • Eight pieces of skateboard bearings
  • Two sets of riser pads
  • A couple of skateboard reverses kingpin trucks
  • Grip tape for the deck
  • Paint
  • Dual hub motor
  • Esc
  • Drill machine
  • Glue
  • Battery

The Deck

First, you have to make your deck. The deck is one of the most vital parts of every skateboard. You have to assemble all the material to build your deck. You should make a decision about the materials you want to purchase before making your deck. You can assemble bamboo or maple wood for the deck structure. Skateboard decks are minor. Therefore, you will have complexity while riding it. In this case Double drop, drop-through, Top mount, drop mount decks are ideal. You should make certain you obtain an excellent idea about this deck.

The Trucks

You must select the overturn kingpin trucks for your skateboard. You can utilize the regular kingpin trucks on your skateboard. However, reverse kingpin trucks present extra control over your ride.

The Wheels

After that, you have to assemble two pairs of wheels. Certainly, you cannot utilize almost any wheels on your longboard. The wheel’s diameter mainly depends on the size of the deck. You can utilize a smaller size wheel on a bigger size deck and you cannot set up bigger wheels on a smaller size deck.

The wheel diameter and hardness are very important. Depending on the surface you will ride on you have to select the hardness. The range of hardness begins from 70A to 90A. Therefore, before you collect all the material you must ensure these things.

Collect all the electric drive

You mostly have to bring together three important things for electric drives. These are the battery, the ESC, and the motor.

The Battery: The battery is the most vital component of your electric skateboard. The majority of people desire the Lithium-polymer battery for their skateboard. Li-po battery is enormous for an electric skateboard. However, the battery must be water-resistant.

The ESC: For your electric skateboard, you require an electronic system controller. An Esc can assist you to control your ride by using a remote controller.

The Motor: Electric motors should have appropriate torque and power. You can utilize a single motor or dual-motor.

Complete your deck

You have to construct your deck by yourself. If you can make your deck, the cost will be three times less than purchasing a pre-built deck. Making your own deck is an excellent choice if you inquire how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35. You will require 7-8 plies of wooden sheets.

Then you have to mold them, press them, put them under a vacuum and depart them for a few hours. Later, you will find your deck. The press will form the complete deck and after you obtain all the sheets joined mutually, you must cut the deck to provide it an excellent shape.

Assemble your skateboard

You have to assemble the skateboard after you got your deck. You can utilize an old board to find a fine design where you require drilling your holes for the trucks. You have to drill holes on your skateboard after cutting out your deck figure. Just put an old board over the custom deck and blot the whole spot with a pencil.

Then drill the holes and Install the trucks correctly. You have to ensure out the concavity and the wheelbase after you have installed the pair of trucks and the wheels.

Build the enclosure

The enclosure will maintain your electronic and expensive parts such as the battery, Esc, and motor safe from outside. The enclosure requires being strong and simple to hold. Airflow is another significant part of the enclosure. This will always assist you to obtain excellent riding practice. You can utilize metal on your enclosure in order that it stays strong as hell. Set up your battery, motor, and Esc consistent with your blueprint and set them in the enclosure.


Finally, it is vital to follow blueprints and do things on your own. We expect that these tips on how to make a cheap electric skateboard for $35 will help you to acquire an excellent idea to build an electrical skateboard. After reading this instruction, you will be capable to search for the essential information online and make an excellent electric skateboard for yourself.