How to Make a Skateboard Step By Step Guides

Do you want to know about how to make a skateboard at a lower price by own? If you are a skater and want to reduce your cost. Then, your answer will be yes. One of the best advantages to make a skateboard is to maintain quality. Moreover, you can put all the material of very high quality. Furthermore, you will get rid of many headaches like to go into the market to waste precious time. If you are ready to shape a skateboard, then I am prepared to leave some useful information for you.

How to make skateboard out of plywood?

It is essential to know the main input parts of a skateboard. There are three main parts in a skateboard in the form of tail, nose, and deck. Nowadays, the typical length of the skateboard raised to 81.3 cm with a width of 20.3 cm. whereas the thickness of the tool must be 13. All these three components made a real skateboard for you.  How to make a skateboard ramp?  If you remained with us till the end, you would get the answer to this question. Now, let’s start with some inputs which used to manipulate the board. Cost played a vital role in the quality of any appliance. So, you have to purchase a heavy quality material for a durable and reliable piece.

Division of Skateboard Veneer

The veneer of skateboard divided into the three main parts. These mandatory components are the core ply, cross-ply and sand play. You have to know about the sanded and unsanded material. Always added a light material and quality one to increase the validity. Here are some main inputs which need to start the work.

  1. Face
  2. Core Layer
  3. Crossband

High-quality Glue

In the market, there will need a special glue which only produced for making skateboard. You have to get quality rather than cost. Moreover, use a paint roller to give a beautiful shape to the desired surfaces.

The paint roller is reliable to give much access to all the edges of surfaces and corners. The width of the nap must be 4 inches. Sometimes, you need more glue than the requirements. It is up to you that how will you handle the budget.

I have read from an official source, where the maker described that you need a maximum of three ounces for all kinds of surfaces. But, only 2 ounces enough for dry roller. You must clear that the glue distributed to all the required characters. Look one time more to ensure all the parts.

No doubt, you have to face a lot of challenges like the delamination. It left due to small use of glue. In the end, check that all which you applied on the surfaces of the veneer merged or not?

Veneer in a mold

How to make a skateboard design? The best technique is to use some old pieces of board. It is compulsory to molds the skateboard. Moreover, you cannot get a proper shape without molding the veneer. You can set the product with wood, foam, aluminium and concrete. If you succeeded to select the best mode, then feel free to use the board for many years. No matter, if you want to manipulate a lot of skateboards, you have to mold the space over the deck.

There are several reasons to pick the best mold for you. To give shape to press, the number of decks and the budget, which you have to use in the entire process for manufacturing the skateboard.

Drilling the Holes on the deck

The second foremost step is to make holes on the surface of the deck. You can use any rough or used skateboard to clear the points of spots. If you do not have such a thing, then make a design over the deck to ensure the exact place of holes. On the other hands, check the location perpendicularly on the deck length. How to make skateboard rail? If you picked this useful information, then it does not matter for you.

It is a huge task for you because a small mistake can increase the hefty cost for you. However, if you want to remain free during this process, use a template to check the position of wheels, and holes.

Press Machine

How to make a press?  You have to pay more price if you want to produce as a manual rather than the market. The selection of press machine depends upon the size of the mold. If you’re going to do press in room temperature, then no matter. No doubt, a lot of factors impacted the amount of pressure. It must be 25 tons which are reasonable to begin the process.

We know that press machine quality added a superior result in the pressing of the deck. It can take a maximum of 2o minutes. The glue must of PC-2365, but you have to wait for 2 hours to avoid any damage. I suggest to you that do not hurry in removing the pieces of deck.

On the other hand, if your quality of the glue is lower than the PC-2365, then you have to put the weight of 5-ton for 24 hours. It is the real-time to be patient otherwise be ready to pay a high cost for it.

After molding the skateboard, let be there for some more hour before to do any other work over it. So, check the glue and surfaces of the skateboard, whether both ones dried or not. If all is ok there, then removed quickly otherwise wait for more.

Sanding and Rounding

Now the time is to sand and round the board. It has a significant role in the making of the skateboard. Here, you have to clean the surfaces and edges of the board by doing the additional work of sanding and rounding the skateboard. A small or pal router mostly used for this task. However, the radius size depends upon the manufacturer at that time.

When you feel that all the edge of board smoothed adequately, then go for sanding without wasting time. The sandpaper from 80 to 100 grit would enough to enhance progressively. You can also raise it to 200 to 210 grit without any hesitation. Your primary purpose it gets the smooth deck, not the rough ones.

Shape of Skateboard

If you want to post an attractive shape, then make a template for this purpose. The other thing which you need is the use of the lousy saw. The band saw is enough to give the prominent shape to skateboard. Here are some steps to enhance the knowledge of a maker.

  • Sealing

Once you have satisfied that all the work has done through the band saw. Then, remove all the particles of dust over surfaces of the deck with the help of a required cloth. Always use the fabric of cheesecloth among the coating over it. Repeat the process until you get the smooth and debris result. It is the phase of seal up.

  • Graphic Phase

The graphic phase is the 2nd step after the final stage, but it relies on the user of the skateboard. We know that the graphic did not have any impact on the performance of skating. You can use any type of paint like the screen print, stencil which mean that you are free to do any act. It is essential to do before the final coat and after sealing work. Water-based paint is also not a wrong way to doing.

  • Final work

When you know that all the work has completed, now, you have to dry the paint on the board. It could be on the deck, nose, and in the tail. Use a tack cloth to clean the entire surfaces of the skateboard.

Final Words

I am sure that you have gained the complete detail about how to make a skateboard. All the steps in the above have described according to exact facts and figures. From my point of view, if you read the entire article, then you can go to the market to purchase the input like the wood, glue, press machine, paints and another kind of the same thing. One thing takes into account that you must have some experience as a carpenter. Otherwise, you are going to waste precious money. Moreover, you have the option to get help from any other skater.

 You can easily DIY skateboard if you followed all the detail. If you still have any problem to understand any point, do the browsing on the internet but stay away from fake information. You have to pay more cost on the market piece of skateboard rather than make your own.