Types of Snowboards-You should know them

Are you a beginner and want to purchase a snowboard for you? Don’t you know the best types of snowboards for you? Then, do not worry, I will brief you about all the hidden and outer information of different snowboard kinds. The best snowboard is that which has required shape, flex, camber, and size. I gathered all the detail for the viewers. If you want to get a complete snowboard guide, do not skip any line of content till the end. 

Do not go to the market without having a description of snowboards like specifications and features. You need a better product of snowboard, which creates more enjoyment and fun for you. Here is the information regarding all the types of the snowboard.

Types of Snowboards

Major Types of Snowboards

What type of snowboard should I get? The perfect board for is that which fulfills all of your needs. I suggest checking all the features and specifications of snowboard before purchasing. Most of the board does well on the plane surfaces while failed to provide results on the hilly area for users.

A layman needs to check the slop of the board, shape, and edges of both sides. Moreover, he can inquire about the material used in manufacturing. Always watches the quality, not quantity, for better results. Precious things are always associated with high prices nowadays.

Here are the five main types of snowboards.

All Mountains Snowboards

The title clears the specification of this type. It offered to ride on all the kinds of surfaces like the mountain and other surfaces. Moreover, newbies have a chance to buy it for a long time. You do not need to worry about the heavy snow on hills and packed the ways. Furthermore, weather changes will not have any impact on the riding.

The makers launched it after knowing all the basic needs of users. You can say it as a directional board also. A lot of snowboard with slight amendments is in the market.

Park Snowboards

Park Snowboard is a good option for active persons. He can use it in the streets and parks without any fear of falling and balance. Moreover, you will get more stunts and tricks by using it. The direction of snowboard can change very quickly with just and extra effort.

The main feature of this type is that it has consisted of little weight than all the others in the market types. It is also extendable to shift the balance of the body from one side to another.

All the kinds of surfaces can grind through the use of park snowboards like the different slopes and mountains. It has more variety as compared to the other types.

One thing takes into account than you did not have much speed by the Park Snowboard. All the hidden qualities will fail to come on the way.

Alpine Snowboards

The light design and weight of Alpine Snowboard are not useable for creating new tricks on the tracks. It is only made to cover the distances of the hill by using some own skills. But, you can come down very fast from a hillside without disturbing the balance.

The makers added some appliances to the board to increase the speed of it. You will never tumble while using the Alpine Snowboard.

Freeride Snowboards

If you want to grind the mountains with safe riding, then the Freeride snowboard will be the best option. The shape and design are made according to the different surfaces of the mountain to create balance automatically. You can also come down from the hills and elevation with smooth riding.

Both the edges in the shape of Freeride snowboard were built very sensibly for riders. One thing must know that it is not helpful for the newbies. So, beginners must stay away from it. But, it is also suitable for the rough area of the mountain as well as hills.

Powder Snowboards

If you do not like to ride in the mountains, it is an excellent choice for all the users. It is one of the best snowboards for enjoying the trick park. The maker of powder snowboard made it according to the changes in the environment; furthermore, if you want to show some more aggression than do not miss the use of Powder snowboards to achieve the target for you.

You must know that the powder snowboard needed more force from the users than the others. So, it is the reason that newbies cannot use it at the start. We have observed most of the rider covered the way of Deep Mountain, which is composed of a lot of snow.

The design of powder snowboard is individually manipulated to make a real float on the snow. It is easy to enjoy it than all the others.

How to buy the best snowboard for you?

After knowing all the information about the different snowboard types, your second goal is to be too aware of the difference in the features and specifications in all the models. It will help you to be the final, the better one for you.

It is essential to know about the camber, rocker, length, and width from all the types of the snowboard. What kind of snowboard is best for beginners? These components have a significant impact on the selection of the snowboards for all the riders. Moreover, check the quality of material that is used in the preparation of all the snowboard. Here is some detail about all the parts of a snowboard, which is right to know.

Length of Snowboard

Many people think that if we have more height, then we need a longboard, but it is not a useful comment. You must know that the selection of board according to the length always depends on the rider’s weight. There would be a specific space between the head and nose of the committee. Moreover, you can check it by putting your feet on the board.

Heavyweight people need durable snowboard. If you purchased a light snowboard and have more weight than the requirement, it may harm you any time. So, length played a vital role in the selection of snowboard.

Suppose that the snowboard’s weight is up to 200 pounds, its length must be 158 centimeters for better result. So, there is a direct relationship between the height and the importance of the board also.

Width of Snowboard

All the boards have different width widths. Now the question is which the best board is for you by knowing the size of the board. Do not buy a long-width board because you can lose the balance on the way at any time. Furthermore, more width increases the chances of falling.

A snowboard consisting of decent length, width, and slop is suitable for all the riders on snow to avoid any damage.

Edges of Snowboard

The edges of a snowboard and the radius also put a significant change on the riding. The radius of the sidecut is beneficial for safe travel. Due to these features, you have to put a small force in turning or changing the ways while riding on a snowboard. Moreover, it helped to control the journey and balance.

The use of tapered and non-tapered also has an impact on performance.

  1. Tapered waist snowboard needed more force than the normal to turn the ways.
  2. Non-tapered wait snowboard requires a small push to do a turn on the way.
  3. Formation of Snowboard

Three main features could be in the regular snowboard. Here is some detail about that.

  1. Your snowboard must of directional shape. According to my knowledge from a different source, I suggest stay away from any additional change over the snowboard. The manufacturers know all the things when they designed a snowboard. The carving board is better than the other. It provides to freeride without any chances of falling.
  2. True twin is another crucial key point in the selection of a snowboard. These types of snowboard are the same from both the side. Your chance to disturb the board decreased automatically. So, always buy the snowboard of authentic twin design for getting a safe ride.
  3. The directional twin snowboard is reliable for all kinds of riding, like the smooth and rough surfaces. You can easily overcome all the issues regarding the journey. It is a miracle for us; the manufacturer designed it very carefully. No doubt, the cost of these types of snowboard can more than the classic ones.
  4. Flexibility in Snowboards

Flexibility in the length and width is also the need of a rider. You must check it even at the time of purchasing the board. Longitudinal flex means flexibility in the length while, on the other hand, flexibility in the width called torsional flex.

Hardness in the snowboard is not better for long term use. Softness in the board produced more quality.

  • Softness

If a snowboard has a soft deck, then you will remain easy at all the time. Softness always decreased the opposite force from the front. It is also suitable for heavyweight riders to achieve the target. A soft flex is also useful for the park riders.

  • Stiffness

I am not in favor of stiffness in the snowboard. Firstly, it is not useable for a long time and the second thing is that newbies cannot use it. Only experts can avail of the option of it. You have to face more resistance than usual and need to apply more force to get smooth riding. So, softness is a useful feature while purchasing the snowboard.

  • Camber

Camber is also attached to the riding on the snowy slop areas. If you wish to grind the hard ways of snowing, then always check the size and shape of the camber in the snowboard. The high camber gives more safe riding in dense areas. Your speed will rise after some time. But, newbies and children must stay away from these options.

The flat board does not have any camber inside it. No doubt, you can get smooth riding through the flat shape, but the camber always showed some qualities by the riders.

  • Rocker

What is rocker snowboard? We can say that the rocker is the opposite of the camber. If a snowboard has prominent rocker in it, he can use all the tricks and stunts during the journey. These kinds of board are very soft than all the other. Moreover, you enjoy the experience of any place. It added more force as an own while turning on the snowy area.

An enjoyable float can get through the flat rocker. It has a flat shape in the middle of it. It is suitable for us to gain balance and more speed than the usual ones. It is only made for the experts, not for the children. 

Sum Up

I assure you that you will know all the types of the snowboard with the specifications and features. If you still failed to understand, then you can discuss it with your friend, who is already involved in riding on snow. Moreover, the shopkeeper will also brief you about the types of snowboard. At the start, you must try the simple snowboard to get experience.

When you pick some knowledge using a snowboard, you can change the type of snowboard as per the requirement. You have to climb up step by step for better learning. Otherwise, there would be a problem for you. Do you also find the answer about what are 4 types of snowboard? All the types have been written very accurately after analyzing the reviews.

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