What are the best bearings for a penny board?

Do you know that What are the best bearings for a penny board? Do you know that there is no component in the penny board that changed the complete performance instead of the bearings? Yes, you are right; if you replace all the board parts, it does not affect too much. 

On the other hand, the quality and size of bearing always lifted the result of skating. The penny board wheels and bearing have a vital role in every type of skating. So, I am here to brief you about the best bearing for the penny board. Please, do not skip any line for a better outcome at the end.

If we go to the market, then the size of 608 is mostly used to produce the longboard and the skateboard. But, time has completely changed into modern ways. To find, best wheels for a penny board is not an easy task forever. Moreover, the new generation does not like the experience; they want more changes than usual. Here are the bearing products for the viewers to give complete detail about the specifications and features.

What are the best bearings for a penny board


There is a strong relationship between the penny board bearings vs. bones reds. If you want to pick durability for the long run, then bones reds are one of the best choices for you. You will be happy to know that it has consisted of many flections because you can use it on many types of boards. All the penny board bearing sizes are available in bones reds. The makers of redbones added the material of steel and nylon to shape it best versus the other. There are shields on one side that can be removed and not contacted also.


The lubricant cream is used in the pre-packing of redbones. Most of the users also advised to purchase it for saving your money in the next decade. Bones reds bearings for penny board praised by every skater.

Some of the skaters still liked the ABEC bearings, but you will automatically see the progress in the safe journey after using it. All the major components added very wisely while making it. It has a guarantee, safety, lubrication, and reliability for you.


These bearing for penny board is only available in one color (purple). It does not have a deal-breaker, but the color is the only thing to attract buyers. The demand for this pair has been increasing for many years because of the material posted to make it. Both the prominent parts like the races and ball has consisted of steel.


You can purchase the penny purple ABEC-7 bearing included the layer of nickels over. Moreover, do not need to worry if you want to replace it after some time. The makers also left some guarantee for the skaters if there is damage by the producers. I want to suggest purchasing the penny purple set if you want to get rid of any mishap on the way.

These best skateboard bearing can add to any board instead of the penny board. I have also seen on the larger board and nickels boards. It means that your money is invested in multiple purposes.


The makers of Bones Swiss Ceramics did not compromise on the quality of material to finalize the shape. It is one of the effective options to get smooth and quietest riding all the time.

I checked the material of the ball made by the Quebec ceramic. If you purchased it, then all the headaches will end due to the waterproof and rustproof. Furthermore, the weight of these bearing is significantly lower than the steels. On the other hand, it is tough and robust to face the weight of you. It would be best if you cleaned be appropriately for long term usage.


There is a replaceable rubber to clean the bearings easily. It directly affected the performances of riders and skateboards also. The bones bearing adjusted the balance of a skater because of hard and robust.  Moreover, after cleaning, the speed will automatically increase sometimes. At the same time, the minimum friction created a smooth ride for you. The Bones Swiss bearing utilized the nylon cage to maintain the race on the road. According to the research and views of different sources, more than 90% percent of people preferred these pairs of bearings.

Features of best bearings

  1. We know that most of the bearings makers posted a different kind of alloys in the production. But, the best pair of bearing is which has quality steel input. Furthermore, the balls, crowns, rings, and shields must manipulate from steel. The steal bearing provided more resistance than the others.
  2. If you disagree with the steel in the bearing, then the 2nd best choice is ceramics. It almost gave the same result as in the steels. It would be best if you used the silicon nitride while producing because it is lighter hand healthier for skating. Moreover, it will not expand when heated on hot days.
  3. For getting a rust-free result, use less lubricant to reduce the hardness. The paramount quality of best bearings is cleanable all the time.
  4. The bearing should be clean in a short time. You can do it by putting into the water and soaked after spraying of minerals spirits.

Final Words

I tried my best to leave useful and understood information for viewers. Furthermore, you have got the answer to what is the best bearing for a penny board. I took data from an official source like an amazon.  

The best bearing for cruising is that which fulfills all your needs. If you still have any problem getting to know more, you can visit the official place of the best bearing. You must check the input of bearings like the ceramics and steel. All the other material rather than these two ones will fail to help you for a long time. Your money will also waste.